'Rocky accidently ate woodworms'

'Rocky accidently ate woodworms'

Funny Foodies

Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, foodies and hosts of the TV series ‘Highway On My Plate’, is on a new adventure.

The duo were at the Forum Mall, Koramangala recently to launch their book ‘Highway on my Plate, Part 2’. 

   The launch of this Indian guide to roadside eating was different as Rocky and Mayur garnished the evening with quick bites of their craziest experiences, intertwined with serious statements and by poking fun at each other. The two, made an appearance by munching on donuts.

“This is one way of documenting and recording memories because we believe that whatever doesn’t get documented, will eventually get lost. This books describes food and all the intellectual authors disappear when they see us,” laughed Rocky. Mayur and Rocky pretended to be stumped when they were asked, “what next?”

“Do we look like the kind of people who plan,” asked a bewildered Mayur. However, Rocky quickly became his serious self as he said, “Mayur and I are corporate trainers on how to run large corporations, so our next book will be one on leadership.”  

Mayur recalled some crazy experiences. “There was this one incident when Rocky accidently ate woodworms that were deep fried in oil, thinking that they were ‘kurkure’ chips and also asked for a second helping,” to which Rocky laughed and replied, “To my credit, I didn’t eat them all.”  Rocky added, “One of my most touching experiences was in Arunachal Pradesh, where met a tribe called ‘Momphas’ who welcomed us warmly and treated us like guests. The duo instantly won the crowd when they said that they love Bangalore. Rocky added, “When I was a savagely handsome man 20 years ago, I stepped into this City which was very peaceful. Over the years the City has changed, however, it still hasn’t lost the welcoming spirit.” 

Rocky and Mayur added that though the best street food places to dig into are in Delhi and Kolkata, they crave for dosas and vadas in CTR and Vidyarthi Bavan. 

Asked about their friendship, Rocky laughed and said that they hate each other deeply and have to work together because they have to”. He tried breaking my ribs once,” joked Rocky. However, Mayur said that they have been friends ever since childhood. “We have spent more time than any married couple and like to think that our friendship lasts forever, to which Rocky replied, “I have considered suicide.” 

Rocky also spoke a bit about the research behind their restaurants. “There is a research team. We decide on a route, a coast and drove down for eight hours. There is a research team who gives us information and we look at different newspaper articles.” Mayur and Rocky said that they have never lied about a restaurant review.

 “The lowest rating we gave a restaurant was one and this was because we could swallow the food.” Mayur touched the audience with a last piece of advice on taking risks and following their dream.