'Guthu house' comes alive as dept, Okkuta celebrate Aati

'Guthu house' comes alive as dept, Okkuta celebrate Aati

'Aati' month has given an identity to rural women, says Prof Vivek Rai

'Guthu house' comes alive as dept, Okkuta celebrate Aati

The visitors to ‘Guthu house’ in Pilikula Nisargadhama Samskriti Grama were treated to a wide variety of traditional delicacies of Tulu Nadu, prepared in the month of Aati here on Tuesday.

It is believed that during the month of Aati, the entire region receives heavy rainfall, that rejuvenates life and nature. The Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, Mangalore taluk Mahila Mandalagala Okkuta and Kannada and Culture department had organised ‘Aatidonji Dina’ (a day in the month of Aati’).

Speaking on the occasion, Hampi Kannada University former vice chancellor Prof B A Viveka Rai said that ‘Aati’ month has given an identity to rural women. “The month is considered as inauspicious.

‘Aatikalanja,’ a ritualistic folk dance performed by the Nalke community, to ward off evils in the society. However, it also symbolises poverty wherein people make food using plants that sprout during the season,” he said while explaining the dishes that were served. He said the plants used to make them had medicinal properties.

“We have to become ‘modern Aatikalanja’ by keeping our surroundings clean to ward off deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. On the day of Aati celebrations, there is a need to create awareness on the vector-borne diseases.

Prof Rai said that our habits should be in accordance with the temperature in the surrounding.

Writer Erya Laksmi Narayana Alva lamented over losing social contacts in an era of science and technology.

“In an era of technology, the joint family system has given way for nuclear families. The uniqueness of Tulu Nadu lies in its joint family system where all were living under one roof. Harmony and unity was the focal point of joint family system,” Alva said.

Love, trust, friendship and harmony were part of Tulu culture. “We need to overcome all the internal differences and develop internal love towards others to build a healthy society. Aati celebrations will be meangiful if we ward off our differences and live in unity.” ‘Samskriti grama is an asset of the country.

Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim said the food delicacies of Tulu Nadu, folk culture and games should be introduced to the tourists. The Aati celebrations should be highlighted in the tourism map of the district.

The mouth watering delicious delicacies of Aati month with a range of exquisite dishes ranging ‘Thimare chutney,’ ‘Pathrode,’ ‘Huruli chutney,’ ‘Kanile padengi kajipu,’ ‘halasina gatti,’  ‘Manjal ireda gatti,’ ‘Mentheda ganji,’ ‘Nugge soppu ambade,’ ‘Kudutha chutney,’ ‘saarane adye,’ ‘kesu dantina palya,’ ‘Pejakai chutney,’ ‘Tajank palya,’ ‘Tekkare adye’ and others were served to the participants to remind the spirit of Aati month. The food was prepared by the members of Mangalore taluk Mahila Mandalagala Okkuta.

An expo on medicinal plants along with ‘Chenne mane’ was also held on the occasion. The artifacts prepared at Artisans village were on display.