Brother shears sister's hair; arrested

Brother shears sister's hair; arrested

 A 26-year-old man sheared his sister’s hair and splashed hair removal lotion on her head, the RT Nagar police said.

Santosh, 36, a bartender from Thimmaiah Road, along with his two friends, sheared his sister’s hair as he did not like her working as a bartender. They then scrammed when she screamed for help. She lodged a complaint with the RT Nagar police.

Santosh, who was later arrested, told the police he had warned her against working in a bar. Since she did not pay heed to counsel, Santosh and his two friends committed the act, the police said.

But the case, according to the police, is complicated as the victim has a different version. Santosh’s friend Suresh and the victim were in a relationship and set to marry.

However, on learning that Suresh was married and had two children, she began avoiding him, while Santosh was forcing her to marry Suresh. The victim got furious and, with her family’s help, threw her brother out of the house, following which Santosh planned the act.

The victim, working at a bar in Vyalikaval, had moved to the City from Mumbai a year ago.
Police are trying to trace the two other suspects in the case.