Colourful perspectives on freedom

Colourful perspectives on freedom


Vatsala Ranjan and Jasmeet Khurana have used 'freedom' as a metaphor in their paintings.

Independence Day gives everyone a chance to express their love and patriotism for the country. Artists Vatsala Ranjan and Jasmeet Khurana are exhibiting their perspective on freedom through a painting exhibition entitled ‘Strokes of Freedom’. For the artists, freedom is universal as we all at every given moment try to break-free, be it personally or spiritually. This exhibition essentially aims to focus on what freedom means in today’s age and time.

Every painting in the exhibition shows a particular aspect of what it means to be free and the entire series is woven together like a long colourful journey. ‘Freedom’ is used as a metaphor which leaves a viewer with enough room for interpretation and a warmth that stays with them long after they have left the exhibition hall.

Metrolife spoke to Ranjan about her artwork and the inspiration behind it. “The series of paintings focuses on the journey one takes to attain freedom. Through my paintings I wanted to depict the spiritual, internal journey of self-exploration that would lead to breaking all boundaries that the society binds on us...and finally attaining freedom. My paintings depicts the pursuit of freedom at a much more basic level which we all try internally for ourselves.”

The inspiration for this exhibition for the artist comes from the realisation that although India attained freedom 68 years ago, yet somehow the artists feel that the people living in this country still have their numerous little freedoms to achieve. 

On the other hand Jasmeet Khurana, a Delhi-based interior designer-turned artist, has developed her own style of painting and is currently working on abstract landscapes. “My work speaks a vibrant language which immediately makes you connect with it. My paintings speaks a language of optimism and freedom. My paintings in the exhibition are titled as Hope, Harmony, Celebration, Serenity and Inspiration.”

The exibition is on at DLF Promenade till August 17.