The right ambience to hang out

The right ambience to hang out

Indo-Asian Cuisine

Mamagoto, a restaurant located on 12th main,  Indiranagar, which serves Indo-Asian food, is quite popular with foodies. It was started by childhood friends, Rahul Khanna and Kabir Suri, in 2010. 

This place welcomes you with abstract wall paintings while steel shutters adorn the walls. The raw and unfinished outlook of the place and rugged bricks give it a Bohemian vibe.

Mamagoto - a Japanese word -  means to play with food. “It was a Japanese social experiment of sorts, involving infants, to use their senses and understand the textures and shapes of food. Borne out of this idea was the Mamagoto concept – to make Asian eating fun, experiential and social,” says Rahul Khanna.

The taste of mint and lemon comes busting into your mouth as you sip the mocktail mint lemonade. To beat the chilly weather, Mamagoto offers hot soups like Oriental clear chicken with garlic pak choi and snow peas and Beijing seafood (garlic infused with thick texture fish or prawn). 

A host of salads like snow pea and green salad with Thai coconut milk reduction, burnt garlic, onion and peanuts brings out a combination of flavours. There’s also som tam salad, gomai salad with blanched spinach and white sesame dressing, krabi style glass noodles salad, water chestnut salad with strips of red chilli, kaffir lime, lemongrass and coconut.

Mamagoto’s signature dishes are ‘soggy Thai basil chicken fried rice’, soho pan-fried noodles meal fragrant black beans tossed in the wok with either shrimps, chicken or vegetables, ‘schezwan pepper chicken rice’ (seasoned pakchoi and grilled chicken strips served on schezwan pepper scented rice). They also have chiang mai train station noodles in ‘khao-suey’ style, where crunchy burnt onion and small chops of garlic are mixed with coconut milk. “The chef’s contribution comes from the various trips our food director makes across Asia -- seeing which incentive ideas of street hawkers and restaurants can be incorporated and tweaked to find a lasting place on our menu,” says Kabir Suri. The desserts include caramel sponge cake with toffee sauce. The soft caramel cake melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. It’s combined with a perfect hot toffee.

Don’t miss the Mocha cheese cake which is cappuccino infused, finished with chocolate sauce ganache , country-style peanut butter cheese cake with peanut butter and brown sugar set with milk chocolate and cream. “Banoffee pie dessert is my favourite. My husband and I just love the food and place is amazing to hang out on a weekend,” says Mithil Rao, a customer.