'There's no dearth of work'

'There's no dearth of work'


'There's no dearth of work'

With a vibrant career behind her, actor Tanvi Azmi who is popular for her roles in ‘Pyaari Behna’, ‘Akele Hum Akele Tum’ and ‘Aarakshan’ is on a non-stop film signing spree. 

The actress took some time off to chat with Metrolife about her journey thus far. Tanvi feels that there’s no dearth of work, for the many young actors, who are entering the film industry. “The film industry is a great place to be. A lot of movies are doing well and the industry is very welcoming right now, offering newcomers with some great opportunities and avenues.

 That many of the new films are doing well, is pretty motivating for the next generation,” she says. While this is encouraging, she feels young actors need to work hard to further prove their talent. She says, “The competition is intense. Though the marketing techniques are different, acting remains the same. I was blessed that I had it fairly easy when I started.” 

Despite acting in different languages, Tanvi feels that language is no barrier. “There are times when I had to speak a lot of South Indian languages and I had many language coaches who were helping me with the intonation. Each language has its own characteristic and technique.

 For instance, Malayalam has a very earthy, rustic dialect unlike other South Indian languages. I paid attention to those finer aspects.” 

In ‘Lal Bihaari’, a Marathi film, Tanvi notes that though Marathi is her mother tongue, she thought she would find it difficult to converse in the language because she hasn’t spoken it for a long time. 

   But when she started shooting for the movie, she realised that she hadn’t forgotten the language.  

The talented actress who has given a few hits in television as well like ‘Jeevanrekha’ says that she does not look up to anyone for inspiration because she feels that motivation resides in her. 

   “All of us are born and blessed with talent which we have to use to the best of our ability. There are a lot of things around us and we have to feel motivated enough to do them,” she says. 

   Recollecting an incident from her childhood, she says, “My father used to tell me that when I go to the gates of heaven, God would ask me what have I given back after being blessed with so much. That itself was motivation enough for me.” 

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