'India hungover on western capitalist models'

'India hungover on western capitalist models'

 When the western world was getting “tired” of development based on capitalism and was exploring alternative models of development, India was trying to imitate the western capitalistic model now, said Gandhian Surenda Kaulagi, here on Friday.

This economic model based on “speed” and “greed”, would not help in creating an egalitarian society, where welfare of the people is the priority, he said. He was delivering a talk on ‘Analysis of India post independence’, at Gandhi Bhavan, University of Mysore premises.

He said that the poor state of the country was due to a lack of “planning for country building” by successive governments who have ruled the country. “New governments when elected, prefer to change welfare schemes and policies, which jeopardise the welfare measures,” he said.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promises of development has won him the election, his inclination towards “westernisation” of the country had been concerning, he added.
Speaking on the prevalence of violence across the globe, he said that the world had failed to learn from the losses it has suffered in the two World Wars.

“Centenary celebrations of the First World War was observed recently. The cost of the war was enormous, in which thousands of lives were lost and millions were affected. Despite this, conflict between nations has continued to claim lives around the world,” he said, quoting the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the internal strife in Iraq as examples. He blamed capitalism rooted on the global trade of weapons as the cause of continued violence throughout the globe.

He said that the concept of patriotism was obsolete, especially after the digital revolution. “The globe has been united with the help of technology, with persons in one corner of the globe being easily accessible to another. In this age, supporting a country or a State should become redundant and every person on earth should strive for its welfare,” he said.

He said that sustainable lifestyle was essential for the welfare of the world and its citizens.

“With the West looking at alternate models of development, ‘prosperity without growth’ and ‘limits of growth’ have become buzz words,” he added.