World won't end in 2012: Expert

World won't end in 2012: Expert

Briefing newspersons here, Prof Soumitro Banerjee, National General Secretary of the Breakthrough Science Society and M N Sriram, Advisor of the society’s State branch, have asked people to do away with the confusion and fear in their minds due such predictions.

Banerjee said, “The 2012 myth is taking alarming proportions. Many students are losing their interest in studies, suicidal tendencies are increasing among the people notably, youngsters, and a fear psychosis has gripped the gullible public in our country where scientific consciousness is already low.” Movies exploiting the theme were making big money by exploiting the credulity of public, he added.

It is a myth that ‘The Mayan calendar,’ quoted by doomsday theorists, predicts that the earth will end three years from now, Banerjee said. The other predictions that a collision of a large asteroid with the earth, reversal of earth’s magnetic poles, heating up of the earth by a large solar flare causing tsunamis and earthquakes are all myths, he added.

The society plans to organise a public interaction programme in Bangalore on January 10 with eminent scientists taking part, said Sriram.

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