'The script is the hero'

'The script is the hero'


'The script is the hero'

A household name in the Kannada film industry, Prema recently walked the ramp at a fashion show for the first time. 

The actress, who made her mark on the big screen with films like Om and Yajamana, hasn’t been seen in films since 2009.

 While there were speculations about her health recently, she was quick to dismiss them. 

The actress looked stunning in an orange anarkali with her hair tied in a bun as she showcased the design of Neema Kumar. 

“I have known Neema for the past two years but I haven’t been in the country for a while to do this before. This is the first time and it is a beautiful and fantastic experience. I hope to do more of it,” she tells Metrolife. 

 Is this a comeback for the actress who is known to shy away from the limelight? “I have no movies as of now. But if I get a good script, I will produce it or get one of my friends to do it,” she adds. 

How does the actress go about picking her scripts? “I always ask people about a script to see if it’s good or not. Then I take it to my parents. Right from the start, I have discussed every script that I have got with my mother. She gives me nice suggestions on whether it is suitable for me or not,” she notes.
 According to her, the script is the most important thing and the audience must be a part of the decision-making process. 

“My second movie Om was the toughest job and I believe it worked because of its script and the hard work that I put in. The script is the hero.” 

Her advice to up-and-coming actors is, “Concentrate on your work and the script.

 That is the most important thing. The audience will ask about that and not how you look or what you are wearing.” Speaking about the secret behind her good looks, she notes, “I always smile. That’s the main thing.”

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