Now, an app to check exorbitant auto fares

Now, an app to check exorbitant auto fares

Now, an app to check exorbitant auto fares

Tired of dealing with auto drivers who demand exorbitant fares or take you through a longer route? Fret not. A new mobile app, Autofare, will now enable commuters to get a pre-calculated fare amount and the distance to the destination from the start point.

Launching the app on Thursday, Srividhya Ramarathnam, Business Head, txt Web, said: “It is a very user-friendly app. All you have to do is send an sms to 51115, with details of the starting point and destination, and you will get the fare, distance and important landmarks in between the distance to ensure that the auto driver takes the correct route.”

The main advantage of this app is that it does not require data connectivity or an internet package on the mobile phone. Being a non-internet, text-based application, it can even be used by those with the old non-smart mobile phone.

Users can also subscribe to the app for a day, a week or even on monthly basis, without which 50 paise will be charged per SMS. The app is also available for android phones with the same features.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), B Dayananda, said, “The City traffic police have taken several steps to ensure commuters have a hassle-free auto rickshaw ride. There have been talks with auto unions and we have also endorsed useful apps such as this. These apps come in handy and are empowering tools for the public.”

HappyAuto, another similar app, launched by the City traffic police, enables commuters to rate their auto ride experience. Carpool is also one such app. Interestingly, the City traffic police also have a Facebook page wherein residents can click pictures of violators and post them.

On an average, about 40 to 50 complaints are received per day on the page and residents post pictures of vehicles flouting traffic rules along with the vehicle number plate and action has been taken accordingly, said Dayananda.

In fact, the developers of this app are also mulling over adding another feature wherein, if the auto commuter is not satisfied with the services or if the driver still insists on charging more, the same could directly be reported to the City traffic police on an online complaint system.