Confident comeback

Confident comeback

Faded and jaded former pop stars often try to re-invent themselves. Not so JLo (Jennifer Lopez). The songs in the album reflect this with its lilting urban songs, pop ballads and dance hits. She is fresh as ever despite some attempts to introduce trendy sounds. It is good old pop again with her eighth studio album.

Collaboration featuring a number of guest artistes is a key strategy in the production of albums in recent times, although it is a ploy ensuring safety in numbers. Thus, several guest artistes are featured in the album.

The album begins with A. K. A., a hard-hitting title song with JLo (This is not the girl you used to know/ Talking to you now/ I don’t think you want me to explore), and T I rapping, leading to the chorus. First Love reminds you of similar upbeat pop songs in JLo’s early career.

Never Satisfied is a power ballad seeking everlasting love with hypnotic beats. I Luh Ya Papi has a catchy chorus and bouncy beats, but it is not in the same league as the rest of the album. Acting Like That, featuring Iggy Azalea, is more hip-hop and less pop.

In Emotions, JLO belts out raw lyrics with a shrillness in her voice (I just wanna let go,/ you’re trying to change my mind but the answer’s still no). So Good has similar sarcasm in the lyrics with JLo crooning in a repetitive chorus (I’m still so good over you.) Let It Be Me is a romantic ballad with a touch of Spanish guitar and Latino touch.

Worry No More, featuring Rick Ross, appears to be the album’s hardest hip-hop track. Booty, featuring Pitbull, is a dance party smasher. Tens, featuring Jack Mizrahi, seems to be tailor-made for the fashion ramp. Same Girl has a message similar to that of her earlier hit Jenny From the Block.