Madhya Pradesh assures investors land, steady power

Madhya Pradesh assures investors land, steady power

Madhya Pradesh assures investors land, steady power

In an effort to push investment into the industrial sector in Madhya Pradesh, state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan assured investors in Bangalore on Wednesday that his government has framed policies to ease land acquisition and facilitate constant power supply to push growth in the sector.

Speaking at an interactive session by CII, Chouhan said, “We have ensured that the policies in the state will allow industries to flourish. Twenty thousand hectares of government land has been allocated for investors to avail of, and application forms are available online.”

He said though disturbances in power supply are a major problem for industries in India, the Madhya Pradesh government is now promising to ensure constant power supply.

The state has utilised public -private partnerships in road development to ensure connectivity and Chouhan said it plans to utilise this strategy in other areas as well.

The minister went on to say that bottlenecks in various policies, which are common in his state, are now being resolved over time. “We have solved many issues  that deterred investors in the past, and now plan to implement a true ‘single-window policy’, wherein, applicants need not run around to get a series of forms filled out, but instead, can do it online.

On the topic of manpower, Principal Secretary, Department of Commerce and Industry, government of Madhya Pradesh Mohammed Suleman,  said, “The state has less than 1 per cent loss in manpower days, as strikes are rare in the state.”

“We are also ready to teach students the specific skills demanded by investors themselves to ensure that the employee is job-ready right after graduation,” he added.