More power supply woes: Adanis, Tatas shut some units in Mundra

More power supply woes: Adanis, Tatas shut some units in Mundra

Some parts of the country might face significant electricity shortages with about 7,000 MW generation capacity getting impacted due to many power plants, including Mundra projects of Adanis and Tatas, shutting down some of their units.

This would be in addition to many power plants already being impacted by coal shortages. Over 34,000 MW generation capacity is under forced outage. Adani Power has shut down about six generating units at its 4,620 MW Mundra plant in Gujarat. Besides, Tata Power has closed down two generating units at its 4,000 MW Mundra ultra mega power project on account of technical issues.

The Western Regional Grid witnessed a loss in generation of 3,143 MW on August 26 as many plants have been affected by coal shortages, according to Western Regional Load Despatch Centre (WRLDC).
Total capacity of Western Regional Grid is about 4,550 MW. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattishgarh, Goa, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli comes under this grid.

“Generation availability in Western Regional Grid is severely affected on account of coal shortage reported by state/central/private power stations,” WRLDC said in a communication.

Adani Power closed down at least six units at the Mundra plant reducing the overall electricity supply to the grid by 2,700 MW. The generation availability has further reduced by 2,700 MW because of closing down of units at Mundra project.

Unit 2, 3 and 4 -- each having 330 MW capacity — have been shut “reportedly on coal shortage” while units 7,8 and 9 —each having 660 MW capacity closed down “reportedly on account of payment default of Haryana utilities,” WRLDC said.