Abbas Tyrewala waits for Ayesha's mom to vacate his house

Abbas Tyrewala waits for Ayesha's mom to vacate his house

Abbas Tyrewala waits for Ayesha's mom to vacate his house

Ayesha Takia

"We wanted to move to a place closer to my parents. And we also needed a bigger place than the one we're in currently. We looked around and then when our agent told us   about this house in Versova in a highrise. We checked it out and fell in love with it   immediately. It was exactly what we were looking for," Tyrewala told IANS.

The director, who made his mark with hit movie "Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na", and his wife didn't know the place belonged to Ayesha and her mother.

"Only after we liked the new place did we come to know it belonged to Ayesha and her family. They're moving into another home closer to South Mumbai to be nearer to Ayesha's husband Farhan's folks. So both the relocations are happening for family reasons," said the director.

Are the Takias hard placed to find another suitable home in a preferred locality due to discrimination and did Tyrewala opt to buy a home from another Muslim family because it was easier to do so than looking for a home in mainstream localities?
But he denies facing any discrimination.

"Like I said I didn't even know the new place in Versova belonged to Ayesha and her family. I haven't faced any discrimination in property purchase. But I was told that the Takias were denied property in Khar. Hence the delay in moving out. That's okay. I've always lived like a nomad. Pakhi and I would be glad to live out of suitcases until we get our new house."

Apart from shifting home, the director is also busy with his second directorial venture "1:800 Love". The film is Tyrewala's wife Pakhi's debut vehicle and she has teamed up with John Abraham in the movie.

Ayesha's mother Faridah confirmed the developments saying: "Yes, Abbas has bought our house. We'll shift out in a few weeks. We want to move closer to Ayesha. She lives in Colaba. Yari Road in Versova, where we live at the moment, is too far away."