'I feel strongly about safety of women'

'I feel strongly about safety of women'

A decade for Bollywood biggies may be quite a long time. But actress Amrita Rao believes she still has a long way to go. And to achieve this she has decided to say a strict no to films in other languages till she finds that her position in Bollywood is firm.

“Acting in regional cinema requires a lot more time and it’s a whole new experience that calls for extra attention as well. I want to concentrate on Hindi cinema for the moment and later think of moving on,” Amrita tells Metrolife.

At a time when women across the country are being subjected to all kinds of violence, most actors have lent their support to the cause of women’s safety through their films. 

Amrita Rao is the latest to join the list. She will be playing a prominent role in a women-centric film. “I feel strongly about the safety of women. I hope there will come a day when women can walk out of their houses without being afraid and I also hope men would stop sizing women up. This is something that I have also faced as a woman,” shares Amrita. 

She has some more projects up her sleeve which she is not allowed to reveal at the moment. “Most of the characters that are coming my way are performance-oriented which is what I have been waiting for,” she adds. 

Amrita also thinks that unlike in the past, there’s a whole new breed of young actors who have come on board. “There was a time when there wasn’t much choice and there was a dearth of young actors but now there’s fresh talent all over. For instance, Ranveer Singh looks a lot like a common man and is someone who everybody can relate to. Today, actors don’t really have to look perfect,” she observes. 

She says that cinema must give more scope to performance for an actor.  “I think most times, the main role is always distracted by other factors that shorten the scope for performance. This mustn’t happen,” she says.

What is the secret of her lean, almost anorexic look? “Nothing. Just eating healthy and a planned intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fat,” she concludes.

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