On a smooth drive


On a smooth drive

Five months ago, three Bangaloreans had an idea that would make going to driving school and getting a licence much easier. Mahesh Gidwani, Saumitra Kayal and Kumar Gaurav started ‘Drivekool’, an online portal that allows people to locate the nearest driving school to them and book dates at anytime any day.

“When I got married, my wife wanted to learn how to drive. I had a busy schedule and whenever I went to the driving school, I couldn’t find anyone there. And my wife wasn’t comfortable speaking to them because of the language barrier. So I had to go find out for her,” says Kumar Gaurav. This led him and his cohorts to start ‘Drivekool’.

He says that while online shopping has spread like wildfire, this should as well because it is making the services easier.

For all those people who dread waiting, this is the best option. “It is a platform where customers can not only get all the information they need but also schedule a training slot in a matter of few clicks anytime anywhere, which gives them a hassle-free experience. They find it a lot easier to search for a good driving school using this platform from home or office than follow the conventional way of calling and then visiting many places, multiple times and so on,” says Mahesh.

He adds, “We also provide them the convenience of calling our customer executive to schedule the training slot offline.”

The website provides users a guide to good driving and helps locate the nearest driving school in the area. Kumar says their main aim is to get all the areas in Bangalore under their purview.
They are already there in most populous areas in the City. “We get multiple bookings everyday and will hit 50 bookings per day in next few months. We also have started receiving request for RTO-related activities such as driving licence, change of address, vehicle registration and so on.”

Not only do they act as the bridge between driving schools and the people, they also organise workshops for the drivers in these schools about road safety.

“Our main aim is to better the services that these guys are providing. We teach them how to behave and about road sense by bringing in professionals. This way, more things fall in place,” says Kumar.

Reception has been very encouraging so far. It’s not just users who have taken to the site.
“Driving schools are loving the platforms because they aren’t always able to fill slots, which means a loss of revenue for them, and they can’t take bookings throughout the day. This also helps them avoid dealing with each customer directly and explaining the same thing over and over again,” sums up Mahesh.

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