Glitter, glamour mark X'mas celebrations at shops, malls

The children were among the happiest among the lot and couldn’t stop moving away from the whole set up. Four-year-old  Arshya seemed pretty eager to shake hands with the Santa Claus.

The basic idea of the whole theme was to please the children since it was the best way to keep the children busy during the holiday time. Gifts brought by the parents were also given to their children through Santa Claus.

The malls also seem to be earning a lot of revenue in the Christmas season because of large number of people entering the mall. They charged a fee of Rs 100 to take a picture with the Santa Claus and his sleigh.

“Since its the holiday season people coming in to the mall has increased to 50,000 per day. All the settings are done as per the tastes of the kids since a lot of parents want to surprise their children on Christmas,” said the Forum Mall manager.  

The stores also seem to be booming with profit during the christmas time.  

Westside, the cloth store at Forum, alone claimed a hike by five per cent. Apart from the usual customers there have been lot of browsers and walk ins. Out of the people who walk in only 25 per cent are buyers as stated by the store manager.

Various stalls that were put up like mehendi, tattoos and such also got a chance to make some good business in the mall. When asked about Christmas plans, many preferred hanging out with friends to staying back at home and celebrating.

The mall will also organise face paintings and carol singing on the day of Christmas to please everyone.

This spirit of Christmas will be kept alive by the malls retaining the same set up till
January 10.

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