'People will see a different side of me'

Last Updated : 23 September 2014, 16:01 IST
Last Updated : 23 September 2014, 16:01 IST

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While many actors like to go on a project signing spree, Lifeu Ishtene actress Sindhu Loknath likes to take one thing at a time. Currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming films ‘Love in Mandya’ and Jai Bajrangbali, she hasn’t signed any new project


 “I haven’t been shooting for anything else. Actually, the promotions of ‘Love In Mandya’ and Jai Bajrangbali are quite hectic and I am extremely busy with them,” she says. 

The movies are slated to  hit the screens in October and November and she is really looking forward to their release as she plays contrasting characters in them. “While I play a chirpy villager in ‘Love In Mandya’ who is very witty with her talks, I play a mature and glamourous character in Jai Bajrangbali,” she adds.

 As the name suggests, ‘Love In Mandya’ is a romantic tale based and shot in Mandya. “The entire movie was shot across Mandya except for one song which was shot in Sakleshpur,” she informs. Sharing the screen with Sathish Neenasam for the first time was a great experience, she says. 

“Even most of the promotions of the film have been happening in Mandya apart from Bangalore, Mysore and Tumkur,” she adds. 

Jai Bajrangbali was yet another exciting experience, she says. Speaking of her co-star, Ajay Rao, she explains that it was great to share the screen with him again.

 “We had earlier worked in ‘Drama’ and I share a great rapport with him,” she notes. “This role is completely different from the one I play in ‘Love In Mandya’. My character is an NRI, who is brought up in Malaysia. The film was shot in Bangalore with my introduction scene being shot in Kuala Lumpur,” she explains.

 There were many challenging scenes that she had to shoot for in the film as she notes, “I had to do many stunts and action scenes with the help of a harness. For one scene, I rode a Vespa with a camera that weighed 45 kilos! For another shot, I rode a Bullet,” she says. However, none of the tough scenes bogged her down.

 “Each scene was a memorable one. The action was new and people will see a different side of me, a more glamourous one,” she informs.   

Sindhu is in no hurry to sign new projects. “I am waiting for a nice script from a good production team to come my way. I don’t want to just sing and dance or be an eye candy in films. I’d like to do performance-oriented roles,” she signs off.

Published 23 September 2014, 16:01 IST

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