'We need talents to bridge commercial and art films'

'We need talents to bridge commercial and art films'

'We need talents to bridge commercial and art films'

M N Vyasarao

“The recent scenario in Kannada cinema industry is a casue of concern. The ‘soul’ that must have led the industry is rottening day by day. There are only a few family entertainers with us. This is really regrettable,” he told Deccan Herald during his recent visit to Aldur.

“The trend in cinema used to change once in ten years earlier, but now it is changing every year. A producer had commented sometime back that the Kannada film industry is in ICU, which will die if proper treatment is not given in time,” Vyasarao said.

In reply to a query, Vyasarao who is also a member of the censor board, said the need for the day are talented people who can build a bridge between commercial and art films.

“We need films with good stuff which can bring the industry out of the ICU. They should be artistically strong but should reach the common men too. We need strong people who can build this bridge,” he observed.

“No audience has ever appealed a producer that he needs films with a lot of violence and blood in it. On the other hand the conscious people in the industry have the responsibility of educating people as what should they expect,” the lyricist said.

He said there are ‘Bellisakshi’ and ‘Bellimandala’ schemes with the Academy with a view to support quality films. Bellimandala is a film society at the district or taluk level. Bellisakshi intends to open film clubs in colleges.

Answering a question, Vyasarao said the Academy will initiate schemes to launch journals in Kannada with a serious approach towards movies which has been a reality in Malayalam and Bengali languages.

“Technicians and artistes will be requested to contribute articles for the journals.
They will certainly fill up the lacuna in the Kannada film scenario,” he informed.

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