Don't pick jobs based on salaries

Don't pick jobs based on salaries

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Don't pick jobs based on salaries

Dear Sir,

I have completed my BE in 2007 and am working in a IT company as Senior Test Analyst. Of late, I have grown to dislike this hectic schedule and want to settle for a less demanding, yet fulfilling job like teaching. I cannot obtain a full time MTech at this juncture. So, kindly advise me if MTech can be done through correspondence. Else, please suggest if I can do MA in Geography or in Kannada literature through distance mode and become eligible to write NET exam.

Dear Akfan

It is quite understandable that if you are a ‘right-brained’ person looking to carve out a meaningful career, you have become bored of the hectic and repetitive work in IT sector. Your engineering degree will always be an asset since it has sharpened your analytical and logical thinking, and has given you the confidence to take decisions and move towards what you really like doing. Since you are keen on teaching, do check out your communication and presentation skills, and if they are found lacking, start developing them through programmes such as Toastmasters International ( and through practice, if possible by taking up part-time teaching assignments. 

Then narrow down the field you would like to make as your domain specialisation, since Geography, Technology and Kannada literature are very diverse from each other. If you give sufficient thought, ensure you are entering into the right field, then you will not have any regrets later on. M Tech through correspondence is under judicial review so it is better not to take it up, but other non-engineering subject post-graduations are available through UGC recognised open universities.

Dear Sir,

I am currently i am pursuing my BE degree and I have interest in Law. Can I get to know the job opportunities and the scope for BE with Law. And what kind of job can I get ? I request you to guide me regarding this matter.

Tejas S R

Dear Tejas

In order to practise as an Advocate, you will have to join a three-year LLB course open to graduates from any stream. Otherwise after your BE, you can take up post-graduation courses in specific areas such as Intellectual Property Rights, International Laws, Human Rights, Dispute resolution, Child Rights etc, which is available in many reputed Law colleges including the National Law Schools. 

If you combine your technical foundation with legal expertise you can be very effective in matters pertaining to industrial disputes, international collaborations, business negotiations etc, and can expect a good career in MNCs or later as a consultant.

Dear Sir,

I am a recent hotel management graduate. I am certain that I am not interested in working for hotels. My interest lies in working in advertising, marketing, media or any such creative fields. I am not certain about how to enter these fields since my degree is completely different from what is required. Are there any short term courses I can do?

Roshini Nayak

Dear Roshini

Through your Hotel Management degree you should have obtained fairly good knowledge of corporate lifestyle, marketing, travel etc. You can use it as a base to move into any of the areas you have mentioned. 

But since you already spent 3-4 years studying a subject you are certain you do not wish to make into a career, this time be careful and select carefully based on a combination of interest and aptitude. If unable to decide, you can even take up an entry level job in one of the fields you are interested in, regardless of salary or reputation of employer, and get a “hands-on” feel of the work. 

One-year PG diploma courses are available in most cities in media, marketing, advertising and creative communication, which are open to graduates from any stream.

Dear Sir,

I recently completed MBA-HR from an engineering college in Bangalore which comes under K-PGCET. Unfortunately my college assistance in MBA placements was highly unsatisfactory. The present scenario for a non-IIM candidate from a non-reputed B-school is highly discouraging and demotivating. The pay package is very less, especially for a HR Fresher (8k-12k pm). My morale is at an all-time low. I seriously feel that I wasted two precious years for doing MBA in a not so good college. As indicated earlier, I am a fresher with no job experience. Please, help me out by answering following queries.

1) I am planning to do a certification course in order to enhance my resume.What HR-related certification courses are beneficial and help me get a good job with a decent pay ?2) What about a SAP-HR course ? Is it beneficial for a MBA-HR Fresher? If yes, can you mention a few reputed institutes providing SAP-HR in Bangalore ?

3) I have a dream of working for an IT company. But the chances of getting into such an IT company are very less as I am not from a reputed B-school. I don’t mind changing my domain. All I want is to get into an IT company. So what are the ways, required courses of getting into an IT company for a candidate with my profile. I have completed my graduation with BBA.

Dear Vinay,

As an MBA in HR you have learnt the basics of managing human resources. If you are happy with your learning and feel that you have chosen the right field, there is no reason for you to change your domain just because currently you are not getting a job. The job market will fluctuate up and down many times in the next 50 years of your working life. If you are steadfast in what you wish to do, are good at your work, and enjoy what you are doing, you will slowly but surely move up the ladder. Similarly, we cannot predict who will be the best employers to work for after a few years, so your dream of working for an IT company may become irrelevant in later years. This is the stage where you should focus on building your practical skills to supplement your theoretical learning – by taking up a job in a smaller company where you get wide variety of work and hence learn on-the-job. Do not worry about the salary; think of it as a stipend as you learn. Once you are clear about the specific role you will be playing in the HR sector, then you can decide about picking up further skills and qualifications out of those you mentioned above. Otherwise there is a chance that having spent more time and money, you will get further frustrated if you do not get a job of your liking.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in 2nd PU (NCERT) with PCMC. I’m interested in pursuing BArch. But, my parents’ view is that there is no scope in architecture. Please mention, for my parents, what kind of jobs there will be and the salaries in the profession. What is your opinion on preparing for NATA by ourselves (excluding drawing because I’m going for drawing classes)?


Dear Mahesha,

If you are a creative person with a steady hand and spatial skills, and are fairly good in calculations, you can certainly make a good career as an architect. Construction industry will continue to flourish for a long time, and competent and creative architects will always be in demand.  You can work for a couple of years with any good architect, even if they give you less salary, and then launch out on your own, or become a partner in a reputed firm.  f you are taking drawing classes, then you can prepare for the National Aptitude Test of Architecture, NATA ( by extensive practice.

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