Yesudas finds women in jeans jarring

Yesudas finds women in jeans jarring

Yesudas finds women in jeans jarring

Celebrated singer K J Yesudas on Thursday spoke against women wearing jeans as it is “provocative” and “creates trouble for others”.

Echoing the voices that have previously urged women against “trying to be men”, the legendary playback singer said he was upset to see women “titillating” people by wearing jeans.

“It is disheartening to see women wearing jeans and creating trouble for others. We should stick to clothes that suit us. What has to be concealed has to be concealed,” said Yesudas. He was speaking at an event titled “Shuchitwa Keralam Sundara Keralam” (Clean Kerala, Beautiful Kerala) organised by the Indo-Arab Cultural Council.

Yesudas went on to back his statement by reasoning that a woman’s beauty is in her “gentleness” and not in being overtly provocative. “She should not try to attract or distract others with the way she wears her clothes,” the singer told a gathering of students at the Swathi Thirunal College of Music.

The event was attended by several dignitaries, including Thiruvananthapuram Mayor K Chandrika.

Yesudas, or Dasettan for his legions of admirers, is a cultural icon with an unmatched following in Kerala.

He has maintained a guarded stance on socio-political issues pertaining to the state for most of his staggeringly successful career.

And now, his controversial new statement has triggered a raging debate on social media with commenters largely divided on the issue.