HP break-up vindicates my stand, says ex-CEO

HP break-up vindicates my stand, says ex-CEO

HP break-up vindicates my stand, says ex-CEO

Leo Apotheker, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, has said that he feels vindicated about what is happening with the company which he headed back in 2011.

Apotheker was tagged as a ruinous influence responsible for actions like the intention to break-up HP into multiple parts, leading to his ouster from the company after it hired director Meg Whitman as CEO. Apothekar is currently working as vice-chairman and independent lead director for Schneider Electric. 

“They (HP) have done the right thing at this late point. I don't feel that they need to give me an apology because what I said turned out to be right. I am happy,” Apotheker revealed to Deccan Herald on the sideline of an interaction on ‘Smart City: Changing India: A Smart City Revolution’ organised by Schneider Electric on Thursday.

HP had suggested a possible break-up in the company's annual report, filed with the U S Securities and Exchange Commission on December 27, 2012. “We also continue to evaluate the potential disposition of assets and businesses that may no longer help us meet our objectives,” the company said in the statement at that time.

Reminisces Sikka

On his former colleague and SAP CTO joining Infosys, Apotheker said, “I wish Vishal Sikka all success and he deserves it. I had the pleasure of working with him and vise versa. He is a very bright man. He will do what he is supposed to do.” On his advice for those at the helm of affairs at Infosys, Apotheker said, “The only advice is that be Vishal Sikka every time.” 

“People have misconceptions about Indian IT services companies. Many think that there is cost arbitrage with low cost labour. India made successful IT services companies because they came up with innovative ways of delivering services. It is  much smarter compared to conventional and classical ways of delivering services like western companies,” he said. 

India opportunity

About his interest in the ‘Digital India’ initiative, he said, “We have lots of opportunities in India. But here, the situation in India is different from US and Europe.”

Apotheker said he is interested in investing in private equity companies rather than starting a venture capital firm. “I am interested in investing in companies where there is additional brain waves happening. I have lots of respect for Indian entrepreneurs,” Apotheker said.