Bijoux for the 'I do' moment

Bijoux for the 'I do' moment


Bijoux for the 'I do' moment

So the big day is here. The event that you yearned for every minute, yet the thought of which gives you butterflies in the stomach. It’s your wedding day, and you are going to be the uncontested star of the event - the bride. And since you’ll be the bride, you are expected to look gorgeous.

Yes, your trousseau and wedding dress will do their job. But what will ultimately add grace and style to beauty is the jewellery. So, what exactly should you keep in mind while looking for wedding jewellery. What’s the recipe to dish out the perfect jewellery matching your wedding dress? Here are a couple of tips to help you look like a diva on your big day - and not like a clone of the many brides that the season will unfold.

Wedding dress mattersWhile going for your wedding jewellery, your bridal outfit must be kept in mind. Choose jewellery that complements your wedding dress. If you are wearing traditional outfits, choose jewellery that’s ethnic looking. Also, a heavy, detailed dress should be matched with simple jewellery, and the other way around. Remember, your wedding outfit style will help you choose designs for your wedding jewellery.

The choice of the colour of your wedding dress is crucial while selecting jewellery. Your wedding jewellery can be in contrast with your dress colour. Or else, it could match the attire. The choice is yours.

Study the patternIf the neckline of your wedding dress is elaborate in detailing, then your neckpiece should be simple and minimalist. Keep your maangtikka, necklace, bangles, rings, anklets, nose rings, earrings well coordinated with your dress. That’s the way to a gorgeous you.

While selecting your jewellery, keep in mind the neckline of your wedding dress. Choker necklaces or wide chunky necklaces are ideal for lehenga-cholis with deep necklines, while for slightly higher necklines, you should go for ornate headpieces and chandelier earrings.

If you opt for a V-shaped choli, choose a V-shaped necklace that drops down with a statement stone. While buying your wedding jewellery, if possible, take your entire wedding trousseau with you; dress, shoes and all.

That’ll make the process easy and less taxing for you. Also, if you are planning to wear your hair down in your wedding, don’t choose dangling and chandeliers earrings. You wouldn’t want your hair to get tangled in earrings.

Know your jewellery well
Examine the basic elements of jewellery: what type you prefer, what stones you like, the shape and like. Plus, check the durability, quality and colour. If you are buying gold, its purity must be checked before the purchase.

Look out for the right carat. Also, choose the gold colour that suits your complexion. Among new-age brides, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are hugely popular. Always buy your jewellery from a trusted name.

Don’t go overboard while buying wedding jewellery. In today’s age, trends in jewellery style, stone and colour are bound to change quickly, so instead of buying in bulk, choose classy, elegant pieces that suit your requirement well.

 Buy jewellery that has heirloom value; that you would love to pass on to posterity. Mark your budget, check your finances, and then make a clear-cut decision as to what kind of jewellery you would prefer. You should know the current market rates of precious stones and metals too. Buy from a good and trusted store, even if you have to pay a little extra. You’ll pat your back later, we are sure.

Who to pick?
You decide on the course you want to take. While a family jeweller would be trust-worthy, reliable on quality and costs, and convenient, an outside brand can give you variety in terms of designs as well as experimental jewellery, and thereby, offer a different look. Whichever way you go, make sure to choose the jewellery that suits you, in all respects.

Remember, it’s all about making smart choices. Go ahead; buy your wedding jewellery, and dazzle the gathering on your special day.