World Anaesthesia Day today

World Anaesthesia Day today

Anaesthetists on Wednesday stressed the need for exercising necessary precaution while administering anaesthesia, on the eve of World Anaesthesia Day.

Explaining that it was important to do pre-assessment about a patient’s blood sugar level and blood pressure, Yashomathi Hospital Senior Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Nandakumar warned that while a high dose of anaesthesia could be dangerous, administering lower dosage would be equally risky.

“If lesser dose is given, unable to bear the pain, the patient might have heart attacks,” he said.

Patient behaviour

Observing that the job of an anaesthetist went beyond surgery, Indian Society of Anaesthesia, Bangalore Branch president Dr Chidananda Swamy said, one needs to monitor the patient behaviour during recovery and breathing pattern.

Noting that while advances in science had minimised risk factors in administering anaesthesia, Dr Nandakumar said keeping a close watch during surgical procedure was important.

“Monitoring blood oxygen levels constantly is imperative, as, in the absence of accurate data, the lives of patients could be in danger.”