BMRCL demand 'shocks' Bescom

BMRCL demand 'shocks' Bescom

BMRCL wants power to be supplied at a cheaper rate (less than Rs 3 per unit), which might further burden the power company already reeling under loss.
The BMRCL has also requested supply of power at concessional price to run the locomotive. This will result in differential tariff.

The BMRCL has sought 10 MW of power from October 2010, when the Reach One operations commence. It has also sought another 18 MW of power from June 2012,  when the project is expected to be commissioned.

“We have sought different tariffs - one for the commercial establishments in our stations, and the other to power the trains,” said N Sivasailam, Managing Director, BMRCL.

He said that the discussion has been completed and Bescom will be making a submission before KERC for approval.

Estimate forwarded
Bescom Managing Director Tushar Girinath said the demand has been forwarded to KPTCL. “The BMRCL has questioned the higher cost for the power supplied, contending that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited  was getting power at less than Rs 3 per unit. We are trying to explain that the circumstances here are not same as DMRCL,” he said.  
However, sources in the KPTCL disclosed that the BMRCL was seeking that power be supplied at the same price under which the utilities are supplying to the consumers under HT-3 category. “They want power to be supplied under HT- 3 category. But for any drastic concession, a KERC order is required,” he said.

The sources said that some of the stations are being augmented for this purpose and five evacuation points have been suggested.
A power expert based in the City said that it would be worse if this happens. The 28 MW power can generate a sizeable share of revenue if supplied to paying consumers.