BAC retain overall championship

BAC retain overall championship

Basavanagudi swimmers erase seven meet records on the concluding day

BAC retain overall championship

Winners of the best swimmer awards at the State short-course swimming championship in Mandya on Tuesday. Back row (from left): Vishak R (Group III boys), Prajwal (Group II boys), Akash Rohith (Group I boys). Front row: Sanskruthi (Group I girls), Sneha T (Group II girls), Sanjeev R (Group IV boys), Ashritha N B (Group III), Damini K Gowda (Group IV girls).

BAC tallied 1092 points to emerge champions.

The final day saw BAC swimmers rewriting seven meet records. Prajwal KS stole the limelight, creating meet records in the Group II boys’ 25M freestyle (11.79) and 50M butterfly (27.90) events. In the girls’ Group II category, Sneha T timed 12.90 to set a new mark in the 25M freestyle and Bhoomi R Motwani clocked 2:55.61 to erase the meet mark in the 200M breaststroke.

Damini K Gowda set her third new record of the championship when she won the girls’ Group IV 50M butterfly title in a time of 32.99.

The BAC ‘A’ 4x50M freestyle relay boys’ and girls’ Group II teams also broke existing meet records.

Boys: Group I: 25M freestyle: Akshay Krishna (KCR) 12.06, 1.     
50M freestyle: Siddarth Mahendra (BAC) 26.65, 1.
50M backstroke: Siddarth Mahendra (BAC) 31.48, 1.                  
200M individual medley: Akshay Krishna (KCR) 2:20.22, 1.
4X50M freestyle relay: KCR (1:48.78) 1.                      
Group II: 25M freestyle: Prajwal KS (BAC) 11.79. NMR. Old: 12.29 (Aaron D' Souza, BAC, 2006).     
50M breaststroke: Ritesh R Suryavamshi (BAC) 33.91, 1.       
200M breaststroke: Ritesh R Suryavamshi (BAC) 2:48.22, 1.
50M butterfly: Prajwal KS (BAC) 27.90, 1. NMR. Old: 28.81 (Siddarth MN, BAC, 2003).     
4X50M freestyle relay: BAC A (Prajwal KS, Ajay A, Ritesh R, Srinivas MD) 1:50.39, 1. NMR. Old: 1:50.75 (BAC A, 2005).           
Group III: 25M freestyle: R Vishak (BAC) 13.76, 1.     
50M backstroke: R Vishak (BAC) 34.04, 1.
100M butterfly: Nikhil R (KCR) 1:14.90, 1.           
Group IV: 50M butterfly: Sanjeev R (PMSC) 34.03, 1.       
200M individual medley: Manish Chandra (PMSC) 2:54.51, 1.           
4X25M medley relay: BAC A (1:11.28) 1.
Girls: Group I: 25M freestyle: Sanskrithi (PMSC) 14.22, 1.
50M freestyle: Maneka Mirchandaney (SJIHS) 33.58, 1.
50M backstroke: Sanskrithi RC (PMSC) 35.72, 1.             
200M individual medley: Sanskrithi RC (PMSC) 2:52.91, 1.           
Group II: 25M freestyle: Sneha T (BAC) 12.90, 1. NMR. Old: 13.30 (Sneha T, BAC, 2008).     
50M breaststroke: Bhoomi R Motwani (BAC) 36.92, 1.           
200M breaststroke: Bhoomi R Motwani (BAC) 2:55.61, 1. NMR. Old: 2:59.52 (Bhoomi RM, BAC, 2008).
50M butterfly: Sneha T (BAC) 31.35, 1.
4X50M freestyle relay: BAC A (Sneha T, Bhoomi RM, Ishwarya B, Tulasi R Haritsa) 2:00.18, 1. NMR. Old: 2:00.60 (BAC A, 2005).
Group III: 25M freestyle: Malavika V (BAC) 13.77, 1.     
50M backstroke: Harishree J Rai (KCR) 37.67, 1.     
100M butterfly: Ashritha NB (PMSC) 1:14.30, 1.             
Group IV: 50M butterfly: Damini K Gowda (BAC) 32.99. NMR. Old: (33.15, Niveditha MS, BAC, 2000).
200M individual medley: Damini K Gowda (BAC) 2:49.59, 1.           
4X25M medley relay: BAC A (1:13.55), 1.
Overall champions: Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre (1092 points).     
Best swimmer awards: Boys: Group I: Akaskh Rohit (KCR, 84 points). Group II: Prajwal KS (BAC, 242). Group III: Vishakh R (BAC, 35). Group IV: Sanjeev R (PMSC, 40).
Girls: Group I: Sanskrithi RC (PMSC, 42). Group II: Sneha T (BAC, 142). Group III: Ashritha NB (PMSC, 33). Group IV: Damini K Gowda (BAC, 249).