Ratnakar shielding the suspects: BJP MP

The BJP on Monday criticised Shimoga district in-charge minister Kimanne Ratnakar, saying he was “shielding” the three young men wanted for the abduction and murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Thirthahalli.

“The minister is shielding the three suspects, who belong to a minority community. All this is for the sake of votes. We demand his resignation. We also demand an immediate inquiry into why the police and two government hospitals failed to perform their duties,” the party’s Rajya Sabha member Ayanur Manjunath said.

The parliamentarian said it was shocking that two government hospitals (JC Hospital, Thirthahalli, and McGann Hospital in Shimoga) had referred the girl to KMC Hospital in Manipal.

“Despite no case having been registered, the top brass of Shimoga police went to the KMC Hospital. While there was a local police station in Manipal, the Thirthahalli police came forward to order a post-mortem. Why would such a thing happen if there was no intention to cover up the matter,” Manjunath demanded, while speaking to reporters.

He also referred to a rumour that a letter was left behind by the girl who, according to him, had been “raped” before she died after consuming some “unknown” substance.
“We are of the opinion that there are three culprits in this case. First, the three culprits who actually committed the rape and murder. Second, the police who did not do their job dutifully, and, third, the government hospital doctors who referred the girl to other hospitals without citing any reasons. There is no record of the treatment or the reasons for her admission to the government hospitals. An inquiry has to be immediately conducted into this aspect too,” Manjunath said.

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