'Girl had told class teacher about rape the same day'

'Girl had told class teacher about rape the same day'

School failed to act in time, victim's mother alleges

'Girl had told class teacher about rape the same day'

The six-year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted by her Hindi teacher at the Indiranagar Cambridge High School, had complained to her class teacher about the incident on the very day it happened, according to the victim’s mother.

“The class teacher told my daughter that she will beat up the Hindi teacher. But, she neither took any action nor brought the matter to the notice of the management,” the mother of the victim alleged on Monday.

She claimed that the next day she went to the school to meet representatives of the management to bring the matter to their notice. Chairman Pramod Arya asked her to come at 2.45 pm and when she met him at the appointed time, Arya, she claimed, told her that the crime had been committed outside the school.

Hindi teacher Jaishankar is accused of sexually abusing the child twice on October 28 and 29.

Speaking to the media, the agitated mother said: “ After the incident, nobody from the school approached us nor anybody called us to sympathise with us. My child is unwell since then and it seems like nobody is bothered”, she said trying to hold back her tears. However, the management, in a text message sent to all the parents claimed that it had met the victim and her mother at Nimhans and enquired about her well-being.

“ I am staging the protest to ensure that no other child meets with this fate. I will not withdraw my protest unless the Education minister and the school management speak to me. Jaishankar should be killed for what he did to my daughter or else bring him to public and we will do justice to him,” she said.

Meeting postponed

 Meanwhile, the parents of other children studying in the school who had started gathering for the meeting scheduled with the management as early as 9:30 am, were disappointed to see the notice on the school gates, which stated that the meeting had been postponed.

Tempers ran high when two sections of parents argued amongst themselves over the reopening of the school.

While one section said that the necessary action was being taken and hence there was no need to close the school, another group of parents argued that the school should remain shut until justice was done and all safety measures were put in place at the school.

 The jurisdictional Block Education Officer S M Ramesh, who visited the school in the morning said that the meeting may take place on Wednesday. He said that the meeting was postponed owing to legal proceedings against the management.

He said that the management was complying with the safety guidelines and installation of 50 closed circuit television cameras on the school premises had begun.
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