Bag the funky breakfast!

Bag the funky breakfast!

Catching a worm in the morning is now easy, thanks to three early birds, Ashwin, Haripriya and Nikhil. Their start-up, ‘Brekkie’, that opened around a month ago, serves breakfast to young professionals who are in a rush every morning to reach office.

‘Brekkie’ operates through a vending cart, stationed in Indiranagar ninth main, filled with an aroma of bagfuls of nutritious, wholesome and funky breakfast so that foodies can pick up a bag, munch in and go to work and also caters to office deliveries located around Indiranagar and MG Road.

Their funky and rotational menu includes three parts - the ‘Big Bite’, which contains main course items like stuffed ‘idlis’, ‘parathas’, ‘pohas’, sandwiches and pancakes; ‘Small bite’ that include salads, muesli and sprouts and breakfast treats consisting of cookies and cakes. They also provide food with a twist as they have items like corn ‘sundal’, marble cake and oats ‘poha’ on their menu.

The best of ideas always come up during informal conversations with friends and sure enough, Ashwin says, “The three of us were always rushing to work in the morning but had a drive to start something on our own. The conversation of entrepreneurship used to come up everytime we hung out together but then, it drifted off but only recently, we pushed forward. Indiranagar is a centrally located place and also has a number of offices so it makes it easy for people to stop at the cart and buy food.” 

As the trio aren’t from a culinary background, they took time off for researching, sharpening their cooking skills and deciding and designing the menu; with the help of three cooks.

Such an innovative idea is always ridden with challenges and Nikhil cites the main problem as finding a good, homely space to set up a nice kitchen. However, ‘Brekkie’s’ aroma has spread across the City and is on the rise, as though the intended target audience was to satiate the palettes of the office crowd, it now sees students and retired people coming in to tuck in and munch on a sandwich.

Currently, the trio are looking to reach out to as many people as possible by expanding to different areas. Their biggest moment of pride is when customers come back to them with a great feedback.

Ashwin and Haripriya were earlier in the advertising field and Nikhil, a stocktrader. Although they are out of the comfort zone, Nikhil says that the insecurity of leaving a paid job is always present but the three are ready to make sacrifices along the way to keep ‘Brekkie’ going. Initially, they thought that they could work part time but soon quit their well-paid jobs to pursue the breakfast service outlet full time.

Serving different yet tasty breakfast, Brekkie works to provide different culinary experiences. “We are here for passion. We enjoy as much cooking as we do of eating,” says Ashwin. ‘Brekkie’ operates from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m and for details, visit

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