HDK's dream film remains unrealised

HDK's dream film remains unrealised

HDK's dream film remains unrealised

A file photo showing former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy and Vishnuvardhan.

“I have been nurturing the dream of producing a movie based on Vyasaraya Ballal’s novel - Hejje. The theme is the Quit India movement. The story revolves around a father and a son. I wanted Vishnu for both the roles. Now, I can’t think of anyone doing justice to the roles,” said Kumaraswamy.

To a query whether he will shelve the plan to produce the movie, he said, “I considered casting Kamal Hasan and Aamir Khan. But I feel none will suit the roles and I don’t know how I will take it forward”.

Kumaraswamy’s association with Vishnu began in 1999 when he produced the hit movie Suryavamsha, the remake of a Tamil movie.

The JD(S) leader ventured into Kannada films in 1995, as a distributor. The first movie he took up for distribution was Haalunda Thavaru, in which Vishnu was the hero. He bought the prints for Rs 40 lakh, a big sum then. “

Rewarding experience
I liked Vishnu’s performance so much that I was ready to shell out any amount and was also sure of getting the returns. Financially, it was rewarding”. After watching the Tamil version of Suryavamsha, HDK decided produce the Kannada version of it with Vishnu in double roles.

“At that time, Vishnu was not in much demand. But I wanted him to be the hero of my movie. On an average, he used to be paid Rs 5 to 7 lakh a movie. But I paid Rs 15 lakh. While the industry suggested I spend Rs 75 to 80 lakh to produce the movie, I spent Rs 1.15 crore. Suryavamsha was a huge success. And, from then on Vishnu never looked back”.

Kumaraswamy’s Premotsava, in which Vishnu was the hero, too did not disappoint him financially. 

Unlike the present day heroes who demand crores for a movie, Vishnu never demanded money, and luxury or comforts on sets. He was very punctual and he discussed only films and nothing else on the sets.

 “We stayed together for 20 days in Ooty for shooting a movie. He impressed me very much as a person. We never discussed politics,” the JD (S) leader recalled.  
He said that after Rajkumar, Vishnu was the biggest star in Kannada. “Now there is a void left by Vishnu’s passing, that can never be filled by any one. He was such a natural actor”.
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