Allegation against him is with ulterior motive: Rajnikanth

Allegation against him is with ulterior motive: Rajnikanth

Allegation against him is with ulterior motive: Rajnikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth today told the Madras High Court that debutant director K R Ravirathinam had accused him of stealing his story for the tri-lingual action thriller 'Linga' with an ulterior motive of defaming him, gaining publicity and making illegal and unlawful gains.

Justice M Venugopal, who heard the case, directed the Director General of Police and Commissioner of Police to file a report as to whether any FIR had been registered on the complaint filed by Ravirathinam and what was the status of investigation regarding the complaint.

He also directed officials of Central and state governments, including Secretary to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to file their report regarding the allegation of Ravirathinam and his representation for a probe in the matter.

The counsel for Rajinikanth said the actor was in the film industry for 40 years and had played many roles including that of producer, screen writer, story writer and playback singer. He had received Padmabhushan, 'Best Entertainer of the Year' and Kalaimanani awards. The intention of the petitioner was to defame him.

The counsel said Rajnikanth had completed the schedule of shooting for the film under the direction of K S Ravikumar. "We have complied with all the legal requirements to safeguard the copyright of the story of the film and other aspects" and it is scheduled to be released world wide shortly.

As per the practice followed in the film industry, a person claiming that the copyright of a film had been infringed should prove it by showing that 13 continuous scenes in a film were similar to the story authored by him.

The counsel wondered as to how the petitioner is comparing his story with the film when he had no access to the story or its content. Rajanikanth's role in film is only acting and nothing else, the counsel said.

The "frivilous" petition had been filed only to tarnish the actor's name, fame and reputation enjoyed by him world wide and he had been roped in unnecessarily in controversy. The intention of the petitioner was to harass him and others, the counsel said and sought to dismiss the petition. The producer of the film T N Venkatesh also filed a counter on the similar lines.