Lost in love

Lost in love

Kannada (U/A) ¬¬
Love in Mandya
Director: Arasu Anthare
Cast: Sathish Ninasam, Sindhu Loknath

It’s a love tale that could have been sweet, soulful and a real winner. Sadly Love in Mandya is insufferable. Despite its juvenile charm and rustic simplicity, director Arasu Anthare turns it into a double entendre fest, which ends in mindless mayhem. A more sober and sensitive touch, which Anthare shows glimpses of, would have made Love in Mandya engaging.

How cable man Karna woos SSLC failed Sushma and both elope to Hosur forms the fulcrum of Love in Mandya. In between, things turns bloody with baddies and dead bodies.

The film’s only resurrecting factor is its background score by Anoop Seelin. Thanks to some lilting songs, which grow on one, Love in Mandya is watchable. Minus the songs, the film fails.

Satish is simply stereotyped. So is Sindhu. Despite its feel-good factor, Love in Mandya ends up a mundane fare.