BJP alleges misappropriation of funds in Udupi Utsav

They don't have moral right to seek details as BJP boycotted entire event, says Congress

The opposition BJP obstructed proceedings of the monthly meeting of the Udupi City Municipality Corporation, alleging irregularities in the financial transactions of Udupi Utsav which was held last year.

Raising the issue, Opposition Party Leader M R Pai alleged forgery and corruption in the financial transactions. He demanded for the balance sheet from bank and details should be submitted before the house.

The ruling Congress members said the opposition party members don’t have moral right to ask the financial matters pertaining to Udupi Utsav, as they had boycotted the entire event. However, the details were produced before the house and there is no question of reproducing the details.

The counter arguments resulted in the obstruction of the proceedings. Opposition party members sat in the well of the house demanding balance sheet. The meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes.

When the meeting started, the opposition members once again demanded the clarification over the financial aspect. They obstructed the ruling party to take up the issue in the agenda.

BJP Member Naveen Bhandari snatched the agenda copy from the CMC Commissioner, while he was about to read the details. Meanwhile, the president Yuvaraj declared that all the issues in the agenda are approved unanimously and walked out.

The opposition members shouted slogans against the president. BJP Member Dinaker Shetty said that it is the massacre of democracy. This is the first time that such thing has taken place in the history of CMC, he said.

Later, the BJP members staged protest in front of the CMC. They alleged that the ruling Congress is involved in corruption in connection with the funds of Udupi Utsav. They alleged that Congress is anti democratic.

The cheques related to Udupi Utsav are bounced. The ruling party has failed to provide proper details even after one year of the event, he alleged.

Meanwhile, speaking to media persons, CMC President Yuvaraj said that the account details are clearly offered to all members in the house. Around Rs 14 lakh was the profit amount last year. The funds were utilised for Beach Utsav.

The remaining amount is Rs 24,804. BJP does not have the right to ask the details. He said that Navin Bhandari’s act is anti-democratic and BJP is least worried about the people’s problems.

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