RMS, Holy Angels emerge champs

RMS, Holy Angels emerge champs

RMS, Holy Angels emerge champs

Rashtriya Military School (5264 pts) and Holy Angels Primary School (3265 pts) emerged overall champions in the boys’ and girls’ category respectively as the Deccan Athletic Club’s 26th Weekend Athletic meet sponsored by Deccan Herald and Prajavani at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium here on Sunday.

 On the concluding day, Meghana P Reddy of Mary Immaculate School warded off a stiff challenge from Nischita of Baldwin Girls High School to win the girls’ under-15 100m gold in a time of 13.1. Nischita crossed the line 0.3 second behind to settle for silver. The 14-year old Megahana ended the competition on a high by remaining the 100-metre champion in all four  legs. 

In the boys’ under-16 100 metres, Rakshit Vitus Vijai of Bethany High School, fresh from winning the individual championship in the Star Track inter-school athletic meet on Saturday, took home the gold in 11.05 seconds. Sachin from Bishop Cotton School (11.09) and Sagar Abhishek of Army Public School (12.1) finished second and third.

Bishop Cotton Boys High School’s Lovely Leon was the other star performer of the day. The 11-year old won the  boys’ under-12 100 metres gold (13.00) for the fourth straight time and triumphed in long jump with an effort of 4.79M.   

Results: Boys: U-16: 100M: Rakshit Vitus Vijai (Bethany High School) 11.05, 1; Sachin Kumar A (Bishop Cotton) 11.09, 2; Sagar Abhishek (Army Public School) 12.1, 3.  800M: Ningaraj M (St Yash Public School ) 2:22.2, 1; Prashanth Kumar (Indiranagar High School) 2:22.5, 2; Rahul Kumar (Rastriya Military School)2:26.9, 3. 3000M: Suraj Dixit (Rastriya Military School) 10:51.5, 1; Sunny (Poorna Smrithi Public School) 10:54.6, 2; Akshay H (St Yash Public School) 11:01.07, 3. 
110M: Supreeth Y Pawar (St Joseph’s Indian HPS) 18.6, 1; Ismail Shariff (St Mary Public School) 19.68, 2; Aloysius Kenneth R (SJIHPS) 19.75, 3. Long jump: Pavan Bhat (Delhi Public School East) 6.06M, 1; Praveen Kumar M (Indiranagar High School) 5.70M, 2; Sachin M (New Horizon Public School) 5.50M, 3. Triple jump: Yashas BR (SJIMPS) 11.14M, 1; Sharuin Pinto (SJIMPS) 10.85M, 2; Nithish Kumar (Rastriya Military School) 10.74M, 3. High jump: Pavan Bhat (Delhi Public School) 1.55M, 1; Jeevan Kishor KN (Carmel School) 1.50M, 2; Meluhha Shreyas (Daffodils English School) 1.45M, 3.
Shot put: Atharva A Mutalik (Shree Bharathi Vidyalaya) 10.05M, 1; Rohan Mammen (Vidyanikethan) 9.76M, 2; Prashanth (APS School) 9.47M, 3.  U-12: Lovely Leon (Bishop Cotton Boys School) 13.00, 1; Dhanush D (Bishop Cotton) 13.05. 2; Allan Herrick D (St Joseph’s Indian MPS) 13.07, 3. 800M: Kamala Kannan S (Bishop Cotton) 2:33.3, 1; Vishal (Rastriya Military School) 2:35.9, 2; Kushal D (St Yash Public School) 2:36.4, 3. 3000M: Vishal (Rastriya Military School) 11:25.2, 1; Rajath (Rastriya Military School) 11:30.2, 2; LS Hari Rama (SJIMPS) 11:33.48, 3. 80M: Kushal D (St Yash Public School) 14.7, 1; Arham Lunia (Bishop Cotton) 15.6, 2; LS Hari Lakshmana (SJIMPS) 15.8, 3.  
Long jump: Lovely Leon (Bishop Cotton) 4.79M, 1; Allan Herrick D (SJIMPS) 4:68, 2; Daniel Mathew (Bishop Cotton) 4:60M, 3. Triple jump: Sujay KS (Shree Kumaran Children Home) 10.33M, 1; Kamala Kannan S (Bishop Cotton) 9.85M, 2; Shaurya Appiah (Vidyaniketan School) 9.50, 3.
High jump: Shaurya Appiah (Vidyanikethan School) 1.35M, 1; Samarth SJ (Vidyaniketan) 1.35M, 2; Himanshu Kishan (Vidyanikethan) 1.26M, 3. Shot put: Manu N (Camlin English School) 7.66, 1; Aravind (Rastriya Military School) 7.26. 2; Akash G Sindhi (Daffodils English School) 6.73M, 3. Overall standing: Rashtriya Military School (4265) 1; Vidyanikethan School (3445) 2; Bishop Cotton Boys (3195) 3. 
Girls: U-15: 100M: Meghana P (Mary Immaculate School) 13.1, 1; Nischitha.KR (Baldwin Girls High School) 13.3, 2; Mihika Gonsalves (St Francis Xavier High School) 14.0, 3. 
800M: Shimran KS (Bethany High School) 2:41.8, 1; Harshitha MR (Vidyanikethan) 2:42.9, 2; Rakshitha R (Jothi Kendriya Vidyalaya) 2:47.8, 3. 1500M: Shimran KS (Bethany High School) 5:57:09, 1; Rakshitha R (Jothi Kendriya Vidyalaya) 6:01:75, 2; Anujna A (Shree Bharathi Vidiyala) 6:16:41, 3. 100M hurdles: Krithika Suresh (Holy Angels) 19.41, 1; Sanjana Shandilya (Deens Accademy) 19.76, 2; Anusha TS (Sacred Heart GHS) 20.09, 3. Long jump: Krithika N (Clunny Convent High School, Malleshwaram) 4.30M, 1; Saniya Sagheer (Holy Angels) 4.30M, 2; HH Preeti Chand (Sophia Girls High School) 4.20M, 3. 
Triple jump: Tanisha (Bethany High School) 9.78M, 1; Mihika Gonsalves (St Francis Xavier High School) 9.67M, 2; Niharika Vaz (Bethany High School)9.44M, 3. High jump: Nikhitha MV (Sophia Girls High School) 1.40M, 1; Tanisha (Bethany High School) 1.35M, 2; Roshini Felix (Mary Immaculate School) 1.30, 3.  Shot put: Niharika Vaz (Bethany High School) 8.15M, 1; Aadya Thammaiah (Sophia Girls High School) 7.98M, 2; Preksha (Deccan International School)7.78M, 3.  U-12: 100M: Ahana Bojanna (Vidyanikethan) 14.3, 1; Samhitha VS (St Francis Xavier High School) 14.5, 2; Kirtana Ramesh (Shree Kumaran Children HS) 14.6, 3. 
800M: Ashwini BM (St Yash Public School) 2:53.6, 1; Lavanya S (St Yash Public School) 2:56.9, 2; Kavya (APS School) 3:01.2, 3.

1500M: Ashwini BM (St Yash Public School) 5:54:80, 1; Kavya (APS School) 6:01:06. 2; Ibbani V Gowda (The Brigade School) 6:03:23, 3.
 60M: Nohmica Serina (Holy Angels HPS) 13.8, 1; Chandana H (Holy Angels HPS) 14.4, 2; Ananya Nittur (Deccan International School) 14:8, 3.

Long jump: Ahana Bojanna (Vidyanikethan School) 4.22M, 1; Tarunya Prasad (Bishop Cotton Girls School) 4.00M, 2; Ananya Nittur (Deccan International School) 3.80M, 3.
  Triple jump: Spoorthy KC (Vidyanikethan) 8:52M, 1; Ananya Tejas Vora (Bishop Cotton) 8:50M, 2; Chaithanya Hemanth (St Francis Xavier High School)8:12M, 3.  
High jump: Tarunya Prasad (Bishop Cotton) 1.18M, 1; Niharika M Reddy (Vidyanikethan) 1.15, 2; Spoorthy KC (Vidyanikethan) 1.10M, 3. 
Shot put: Meghana Bajpeyee (Vidyanikethan) 7.34, 1; Ananya Tejas Vora (Bishop Cotton) 6.26M, 2; Sinchana N (New Florence English School) 6.05M, 3.Overall standing: Holy Angels HPS (3265) 1; Vidyanikethan School (2815) 1; St Francis Xavier High School (1835) 3.