New all-weather device to prevent train accidents

New all-weather device to prevent train accidents

Traffic Collision Avoidance System developed indigenously

New all-weather device to prevent train accidents

The Railway Ministry is considering installing low-cost anti-collision device on trains with sophisticated software to allow a smooth run in all weather conditions, including fog.

The new equipment is an improved version of TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)and has been developed indigenously.

The software will allow live monitoring of tracks. The loco-pilot of running trains will be aware of track situations and movement of trains on all sides. Authorities involved in train operations can also monitor it.
“This is a low cost solution and gives high quality of safety. The trial results are very good. We have had trials for both short and long distance,” a senior rail official told Deccan Herald.

The equipment has been developed at the behest of Lucknow based Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO), a public sector unit of Indian Railways. The cost of TCAS is around Rs 10 lakh per kilometre which is almost seven times less than Anti-Collision Device (ACD).

Both driver and station supervisor can activate the system. TCAS also notifies derailment, train splitting and rollbacks. It also protects from collisions at level crossings. The equipment prevents head-on, rear-end and side-on collisions. It has also features.

The trials of the device were first made for short distance on Secunderabad-Wadi route. “After successful trials for short distance, the system has been put on long distance trial covering 250 kilometres, said a senior railway official.

The proposal has been sent to rail minister Suresh Prabhu this week after it was discussed at a high level meeting on safety. The meeting was called by the ministry to discuss safety situations in foggy winter when Railways had to cancel many trains and most of the north India bound trains were delayed for hours.