Donning different hats with ease

Donning different hats with ease

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Donning different hats with ease

Kannada actor Srujan Lokesh will play the character of a love-struck mechanic in his upcoming movie ‘Sapno Ki Rani’. Set for a mid-January release, the film has him and Aishwarya in lead roles.

The ‘Aane Pataki’ actor says he took up this role because it was different from most romantic movies. “When I first read the script, I was very happy with it and I knew I would do it. It has an interesting climax and is something that hasn’t been done before,” he says.

Talking more about the movie, he says, “It has been divided into three stages —  the first part runs until the interval, then the story changes direction and there’s a climax. And the songs have already begun to catch people’s attention. I have a positive feeling about this film.”

Srujan says his role is an unusual one. “My character’s name is Krishna. He is a mechanic who is in love with Aishwarya’s character, but doesn’t know how to approach her. The movie doesn’t follow Krishna, the mechanic but traces the life of a guy who isn’t able to talk to the girl he likes.”

The movie has been shot in as many different locations as possible. “We needed different outdoor locations within Karnataka so we shot the movie in Virajpet, Chikkamagaluru and Mysuru,” he says.

He is all-praises for the cast and crew of the movie. “This is being made by a team of young guys who are dedicated and want to make this film. It’s more important how you project a film to the public than how you make it, and these guys have done a good job and put a lot of effort into it.” 

How does he manage to act, host and produce? “This is the time to multi-task, when I’m fit and healthy. Later, I won’t have time to look after myself and my health. I have worked two days at a stretch and travelled back-to-back without sleep, and I’ve been doing this for a long time,” he says. “I also have a wonderful team with me at Lokesh Productions. I hand out tasks according to their requirement and we get them done,” he adds. 

The actor has a slew of movies coming up this year.