It's no child's play!

It's no child's play!

It's no child's play!

It takes a lot to beatbox, especially when training imparted in beatboxing is very limited. However, Sanjay Stevens, a student of St Joseph’s College of Commerce, learnt to beatbox by watching ‘YouTube’ videos.

His interest and passion motivated him to pursue it on his own. “I got to know of beatboxing from a friend, who would beatbox during his free time. He would teach me the basics, and slowly I developed a passion for it and wanted to learn more about the art. I would look up the internet to learn the nuances and for advanced learning,” says Sanjay.

After rigorous practice sessions, he performed a song for an album which was produced in Kerala.

Besides being a beatboxer, he is also a guitarist for the band ‘Brahma Approaches’, a progressive experimental metal band from the City. Here, again, he is a self-taught guitarist. His belief in himself to succeed without formal training has fetched him handsome rewards.

Sanjay believes that self-learning has its pros and cons but it has helped him grow and not be confined to anything.

He is very happy and proud to be part of a band as he had never thought that he would grow up to be a musician. He, along with his band, has performed at several events and competitions in the City, including World Music Day.

Juggling between studies and making a career in music comes easily to Sanjay,
as he dedicates two hours a day for his studies and two hours for his music.
He says balancing time has been the biggest challenge.

“Sometimes, I have to study a lot for which I have to sacrifice my music practice session. I’m slowly learning to balance time and excel in both studies and music.”

Sanjay believes in the motto ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, and says that it is only continuous practice that has taken him where he is and helped him reach greater heights.

How supportive are his parents and teachers?
Sanjay says he is extremely lucky to have supportive people around him.

“My parents are very supportive in every decision I make and their faith and belief in me has allowed me to follow my passion. Even my teachers tell me that I should pursue my music as they feel that I’m good at what I do.”

If peer pressure is anything to go by, then Sanjay says it has only had a positive effect.

“My friends are very encouraging. It’s only because of them that I am where Iam today. They correct my mistakes, give me suggestions on how to improve and help me turn my weaknesses into strengths. I started to beatbox and play the guitar only because of my friends and their encouragement,” he sums up.

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