Funds sought for PU labs

Funds sought for PU labs

The Karnataka State Pre-University Physics Teachers' Forum has demanded that the State government release funds for labs in government PU Colleges across the State.

The forum has asked the government to release at least Rs three lakh per college to develop labs in science departments.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, forum honorary secretary Vishwanathareddy S G said that out of the 1,200 government PU Colleges, about 680 colleges had satisfactory equipment, while the rest of the colleges were in need of funds. 

The State government has been training PU lecturers to cope with the new syllabus that is on a par with the NCERT curriculum. The Forum has also urged the government to extend the facility to the faculty of aided and unaided colleges too.

In addition, they have also demanded a common question paper across the State for first year pre-university students too.

A public examination for the first PUC would also be welcome, Reddy added.
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