Slew of ordinances shows Modi's authoritarian streak: Yechury

Slew of ordinances shows Modi's authoritarian streak: Yechury

Slew of ordinances shows Modi's authoritarian streak: Yechury

CPM politburo member Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday attacked the NDA regime, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was showing his authoritarian streak by taking the ordinance route for every issue the government wanted to push.

“In six months, the Modi government has passed eight ordinances. Whenever they face a hurdle in the Rajya Sabha, where we are opposing the ruling party ministers making communal statements, the ordinance route is being taken. Even Indira Gandhi, during the peak of the Emergency period, did not hold this record,” said Yechury.

The senior communist leader, who was addressing a public meeting in Bengaluru, said the ‘Ordinance Raj’, which was vehemently opposed by the BJP when the UPA government was using it to clear vital pieces of legislation, still continued under the Modi government.

‘Won’t allow them in RS’“It shows that Modi’s authoritarian streak is continously growing.
And today, they are planning to introduce yet another bill which seeks to amend the labour laws. We have taken a stance that these amendments will not be allowed to be passed in the Rajya Sabha, and we will fight it tooth and nail,” he said.

Yechury, who inaugurated the 21st Karnataka State Conference of the CPM, said the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was playing the worst kind of vote-bank politics, trying to consolidate the Hindu votes by preaching communalism. He said that by propagating the idea of Hindu rashtra by destroying the secular socialist India, the RSS and the BJP were indulging in intensifying the communal divide.

Ancient India
“The PM, in an election rally in Maharashtra, was seen saying that ancient India had the best plastic surgeons as they implanted Ganesha’s head on a human body.

The BJP also spoke of ancient India having inter-planetary transportations and aeroplanes. By this, the RSS and BJP are propagating that there is only one culture and that is the Hindu religious culture. They are trying to negate every other history,” he said.