When results come knocking...

When results come knocking...


When results come knocking...

As the semester results are only a few days away, students are going through bouts of nervousness and tension. It is a competitive atmosphere, where every student wants to outdo others.  Students who have performed quite well in the exams are also apprehensive about the possible outcome and are struck by the fear factor. 

Samira Shukla, a diploma student who is expecting her third semester result, says she is a bit afraid of facing the results even though she has done well in the exams.  “As soon as I finish my exams, I’m eager to see the results. I would like to know the outcome at the earliest as I can’t cope with the uncertainty. Once I get it, I am not bothered even if it fails to meet my expectations,” Samira says.

For students like Ashish M K, the anxiety starts two weeks before the announcement of the results. “Once the exam is over, I forget everything and enjoy my holidays. As the day of the results draws near, I start visiting temples and churches. I pray that my papers go into the hands of a liberal evaluator who gives me marks liberally,” says Ashish. 

Abhilasha, who is in her BA fourth semester at NMKRV Women’s College, is comparatively courageous with regard to her results. She knows that anxiety does not change the outcome but only affects the mind.

“What is the use of getting tensed when exams are over? The results come according to our performance. I never panic about the results when I have done my exams well. I try to make it up in the next exam.” Kishan K A, who is in his first year PUC, has been able to overcome his anxiety with the help of monthly tests and frequent class tests.

“I was very scared about my SSLC results as prestigious colleges have high cut-off marks. But now, I write at least two to three tests every month and this has reduced my fear. I stopped getting scared about my test results as soon as I adapted myself to the competitive atmosphere,” says Kishan.