From a lyricist to an actor

From a lyricist to an actor


From a lyricist to an actor

The multi-talented Swanand Kirkire is all set to entertain the audience in the upcoming film ‘Crazy Cukkad Family’.

    Swanand, who has been a lyricist, writer, playback singer and associate director in Bollywood movies, will now be seen as a lead actor in the comedy drama.

   Paired opposite Shilpa Shukla, the actor considers himself lucky and is all excited about his debut as the lead actor.

“I am the eldest brother in this mad crazy family. I am a loud-mouthed person who does not respect anyone and is always behind money. I am stupid, silly and unsuccessful. It was a challenging role for me as I am known as a sensitive lyricist,” says Swanand.

The multifaceted artiste, who has won two National Awards for his lyrics, says that acting happened to him by chance.

 “I was not planning to have a career in acting. In fact when director Ritesh Menon informed me that he wanted to cast me in his film, I questioned him if he had lost his mind! But later, he told me that the producer of the film Prakash Jha also was keen on seeing me do this role. Prakash‘ji’ probably saw some talent in me. That is when I decided to try and start my acting career,” he says.

Swanand informs that he would like to explore all the modes of film-making.
 “I feel very lucky. I love this medium of expression and I am getting a chance to express myself. I consider myself as quite a survivor and like all the things that I do. I am happy to be a part of the industry and contribute to it,” he says.

He started his career as a theatre artiste. He says, “Theatre has been the root of my success. It is where I invented myself. I tried and tested myself in every field. It is like my mother.”

 The journey in Bollywood has been fantastic so far, he adds.
“I was assisting Sudhir Mishra and got a chance to become a lyricist. I won two National Awards. I got a chance to work with people like Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani. I have explored myself even as a singer and my songs have done well. And now, I am acting as a lead. So it has just been fantastic,” he adds.

Having been inspired by great talents like Charlie Chaplin and Kishore Kumar, he concludes that he would explore his side as a director soon through a musical.