'I like to be spontaneous'

'I like to be spontaneous'

Comic relief

'I like to be spontaneous'

Actor Akul Balaji, who is widely seen on television in various reality shows, says he does not want to neglect films this year. “I want to give films as much attention as I give reality television. I have decided I want to make at least two films this year,” he says.

The ‘Pyate...’ series host has a few releases coming up this year. He will be seen in ‘Devarawne Bidu Guru’, a film that is directed by 23-year-old Pratham. How was it to work with such a young crew? “It was fun. You have the freedom to discuss scenes and any changes openly with them. If it is an old-timer, they can be rigid. But these guys are open to improvisation,” he says.

He adds, “He (Pratham) adds a new dimension to the film and makes it more realistic, which I appreciate. I don’t like characters that are over-played and larger-than-life. The younger generation of filmmakers want to bring change to break the routine, and until and unless there is change, one cannot pursue their career fully.”

Talking about the story, he says, “It’s a happy-go-lucky story with a good message. It is a story about the mafia and the underworld but in a funny way.”

Akul will also be seen in ‘Love on NH4’, alongside Tilak. “It is about a wildlife photographer and a Miss India contestant. Most of the movie was shot on a train. It takes a couple of turns and there’s a huge climax at the end.” He also has ‘Gaganachukki’ in his kitty.

The actor says he prefers doing comedies. “I feel as a viewer, I’m more likely to watch a comedy as I feel relaxed and will come out of the theatre with a smile on my face. And people have told me that I have good comic timing.”

He will not only be seen on the big screen, but also on ‘Thaka Dhimi Tha Dancing Star’. Has he already put on his dancing shoes? “No. I like to be spontaneous. No matter who it is, I will pull their leg and get my leg pulled. This is just a way to entertain people.” But he says he will enjoy this season. “There is a big ensemble this time. The contestants seem quite good. I thoroughly enjoy myself. People will see a change in me from the ‘Pyate...’ series.”