Development must promote human dignity: Justice Nayak

Development must promote human dignity: Justice Nayak

Development must promote human dignity: Justice Nayak

The State, while rendering social justice to the marginalised and neglected communities, should also ensure that civil and political rights of its citizens are protected, said Justice S R Nayak, Chairman of Law Commission of Karnataka, here on Tuesday.

He was delivering the keynote address on ‘Human Rights - A Natural and Positive Edict’, during the inaugural of a one-day national seminar, at Karnataka State Open University.

He said that earlier, human rights were emphasised based on civil and political rights only. However, people were slowly beginning to realise that one cannot enjoy civil and political rights unless the person enjoys economic, cultural and social rights.

“The development process of any country must promote human dignity. It is trite that the ultimate aim of development is the constant improvement of health and well being of the entire population, on the basis of its full participation in the process of development, and by a fair distribution of the benefits of development,” he said.

Trauma and tension

He lamented that the humanity was faced with the trauma and tension of the hunger, misery and exploitation suffered by sections of the population “Unless mass poverty and macro-hunger are eliminated, the disturbing situation we notice today may cause an outburst,” he said. 

Dependable system

Only by establishing a dependable system of international security and peace, would the world be able to eliminate the danger on the most fundamental human right - the right to live, he said.

“Today, peace and security of mankind is in danger, and human rights are violated all over the world incessantly and with impunity. At such a juncture, protection and propagation of human rights are essential. 

Awareness to protect human rights has grown to such an extent that today, it is being as a yardstick to measure the civilisation of societies, States and regimes,” he added. Noting that all major religions of the world had supported human rights, he said that the topic should be included in the curriculum in schools and colleges. 

Significant role

Students should be taught that human rights awareness and implementation could play a significant role in the empowerment of the impoverished and the oppressed, he added. 

Plenary sessions on ‘Human Right Issues from National and International Perspectives, and minorities and depressed classes’ and ‘Human Rights at Work Place and Police Administration’, were also held during the day.