Marwari platter to die for

Marwari platter to die for

Food review

Who says that when hungry like an animal attack a fast food chain for the service will be as quick as its name? One must not forget the good old thali which is set on the table before a foodie settles on the chair and served by waiters in traditional attires who start filling the plate and katoris as if in a competition with time!

Even before one thinks of washing the hands at Kathputli restaurant in Defence Colony, to enjoy the meal in a hygienic way, the Khaman Dhokla arrives balancing the tempered green chilli on its top and an infusion of mustard seeds in between its extremely light and fluffy texture. The look is much appreciated but not the taste. At least when compared to the Grean Peas Kachori.

Pop in the mouth one of these kachoris and the taste buds want another one and another one. The craving is due to the well roasted peas filled in a crisp outer layer and fried to the optimum.

So much for the snacks and then the Marwari Thali (without onion or garlic) starts taking shape. A sight of the ‘ful-filling’ food makes one needs to take a gulp of nimbu-paani (perfect in salt and sugar combination) before starting it.

The dishes in the numerous katoris then reach the taste senses. The cumin in the Gawar Phali lures the palate and the dumplings called Sangria Kofta float in a tangy tomato gravy. The Arbi ki Sabzi is good but the Gatta Kadhi is average.

The best of the lot is the Aaloo Methi which is neither dry nor watery and yet tastes different and too good to be licked till the katori is empty.

A meal belonging to the region from West India cannot be complete without the Dal Baati Churma. A dig into the baati and one appreciates the required crunch.

The baati tastes the best when crushed in the churma and toppled with dal. The dal alone doesn’t taste the best. Not the best in the town. And same can be said for the gattas in Gatta Kadhi, which could have been roasted a little more.

One misses the extra  ghee when Methi Poori and Bikaneri Parantha are served. The tawa roti doesn’t taste too good when foodies expect the authentic bajre ki roti or a similar alternative to go along with the platter of vegetables.

In the sides, the Papaya salad with tempering of mustard seeds is a much better option than Sangria ka Achar (which could have been better). On the contrary, in the desserts, Chawal ki Kheer is preferable over Moong Dal Halwa (a typical of Rajasthan). Both are garnished with pistachio yet don’t bring out the gooey flavour!

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