Railways directed to compensate traveller

Railways directed to compensate traveller

Forum President D Krishnappa has ordered the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Railways, to pay up Rs 5,000 as damages for causing her hardship, mental agony and distress.

Pushpakantha had boarded the train on her journey from Koppargova to Bangalore for which she had a confirmed berth no. 60 on coach S-2. To her dismay, she found another person sitting on her seat. The TT whom she appealed to did not help her and told her to sit on berth 67 which was occupied by someone else. The entire journey became a nightmare causing her severe distress. The railways manager said that it was a matter to be handled by the Railway Tribunal. But the Forum overruled this and ordered the opposite party to pay up the amount to the complainant.

Land and sites

The Forum has also ordered Isiri Properties Pvt Ltd in JP Nagar to refund Rs 3.34 lakh to Ramakrishna Bhat, who is still to get his site from them.

Six consumers were conned by Deccan Properties in Banaswadi to pay up various amounts for sites near Tamil Nadu, which were not given to them on the pretext that they had no sanction to set up the layout. The Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, President B S  Reddy has ordered this firm to repay money to all of them.

V G P Investments has been ordered by this forum to refund Rs 17,551 to B Rama Rao with a compensation of Rs 50,000 if they were not able to give him the site for which he has paid up.

Holidays and resorts

Jaba Roy had complained to the IV Forum against Mahendra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd as she was unhappy with their services. When she chose a package to any destination (having paid up Rs. 1,81,691 to them) they disappointed her by saying that those slots were not available. She was given so many excuses that she finally got fed up and complained to this forum which has ordered the firm to refund Rs 1,37,691 to her.

Six Cool Card Members of Country Club India Ltd have also been helped by the forum which has ordered the Club to return their money. They were also conned by being offered various gifts such as free sites, free holidays, cheap tickets to various shows and were then left in the lurch.