No woman, no cry!

No woman, no cry!

Women in India enjoy the status of equality with men as per constitutional and legal provisions. But are these legal provisions implemented and welcomed by all? Women empowerment has been a debateable subject for quite sometime now.

There has been a positive discrimination favouring the women in our country. But these privileged rights of women have remained in just words. India, known for its rich culture, has now been tagged as the world’s fourth most dangerous country for women. With ‘International Women’s Day’ around the corner, youngsters share their opinion on increasing women empowerment in the country.

Support the girl child Sameer, a graduate from Oxford Pre-University College says, “There should be support for ever girl child born. We are in the 21st century, but there has been no end to female infanticide. Before even empowering a woman, the government should make sure she is born into this world. So, it is not only the women who should be educated. Each and everyone should be educated and woman empowerment will happen on its own without any hurdles. Every village has to become a hub for education and respect to women should be taught from the ground level.”  

Self-reliance is the key Tabassum, a graduate from Jain University says, “To empower a woman is to make her self-reliant on her own powers and resources. But before all this, she should be ensured safety and protected from all atrocities from the opposite sex. The first step to empower a woman is to give her good education. Along with this, she should be provided with physical training for self-defence. If our government provides these two basic necessities, no one can stop a woman from empowering herself.” 

Make laws stringent Aishwarya, a BBM student of Surana College, says, “There need to be more reservations for women in all categories. Security of women should be given utmost importance. There should come a day when we can walk freely without being stared at or eve teased. We should also be provided the freedom to wear anything we want. Government should pay heed to domestic violence against women and implement stricter laws against offenders. A rape is a murder of womanhood and the rapists need to be hanged and not forgiven.”  

Promote gender equality Muzzammil Ahmed, a BBM student of Surana College, says, “Women are equal to men and there should be no gender discrimination. Women should be made economically independent. The government should focus on increasing job opportunities for women. A woman should be allowed to work in any field and there should be a full stop to gender discrimination. The constitutional words ‘Women are equal to men’ should not only be in our talks but also implemented in reality. This equality can be brought about in schools, by educating both girls and boys about the issue. ”

Economic independence Mohammed Umar Farooq, a BBM student of Surana College, says, “Internet can be a weapon used in favour of women empowerment. A woman can be self-employed and she need not depend on anyone else except social media to promote her venture. This will make women economically independent and also improve their social status. We have successful women entrepreneurs who have showed their strength to the world. More and more women should be encouraged to start a business of their own and the government should provide full-fledged support to these women.”

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