'Rann' does not show media in bad light: RGV

Last Updated 13 January 2010, 17:12 IST

Verma, popularly known as RGV, says that his latest venture is not about media-bashing because it is not a singular entity, but a system. "I expose the media by showing its true colours...the pressures, problems and complexities in running a 24 hour news channel."

Bachchan who portrays Vijay Harshvardhan Malik, a media baron, says 'Rann' does not portray the media in bad light. "It also not preachy of what the media should or should not do. After all it's a fictional story where there is poetic justice," he said.
He felt there is clarity and transparency in the media to correct lacuna if any within the system. Speaking about his character, Bachchan said Media is about business but also about conscience.

"The film highlights the dilemma of the protagonist on striking a balance between the two," he said.

"There was a news report whether or not the cameraman who shot visuals of the injured policeman and ministers passing by could have saved the dying man rather than just shooting the visuals," Big B said.

"I also read an article, acknowledging the problem of paid news and about the need for disclosure that money has been taken to publish news and there is nothing wrong with it," Bachchan said.

"Malik is the owner of a television channel who is the voice of integrity, truth and belief but he had to lie and the nation believes him. But, he does not know that what he was made to say was not true," he said.

The Bollywood legend says that the audience will have sympathy for Malik and the media would be proud of what he does in the climax of the movie.
Bachchan said he has high regards for RGV as a filmmaker because he provokes artistes to give their best. "Through his camerawork, he exploits the best you have," he commented.

The Big B said he is not anti-media in his blog. "I have just commented on wrong reportage and clarified the facts through the medium of blog," he said.
Varma said, he was 100 per cent inspired on real life functioning of television news media while writing the script. "But, it is not the realistic portrayal of any specific incident," he said.

The film is about the political nexus of the media and is set in Delhi against the political backdrop. Hence, the entertainment sector was kept out, he said replying to a question on whether filmstars were part of the media's story.

(Published 13 January 2010, 17:12 IST)

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