I sit by the sea, silent

I sit by the sea, silent

I await your return.
I sit by the sea, silent,
gazing out at the endless
chasm of serene blue,
unmarred and unaffected.
It stretches forever,
and I, I curse this wretched beauty.
This serenity, and
this peaceful tide that
does not herald your coming.
it is now tempestuous.
The sea and the sky are one-
a dismal grey, that is infinite.
The skies pour forth
their lamentations, they
weep with me.
The sea is unfeeling, untouched.
The tears are swept into a swell
of water, until they are one.
I sit by the sea, silent.
I gaze out into the distant horizon.
It comes nearer, and nearer,
until I can longer bear to look.
It is a horizon without you,
it is impossible that I am here,
and you are not.
When I close my eyes
I can see the sea sending forth
that which is mine.
I rise to receive it, but alas,
it is but a dream.
I am left standing on that seaside,
where there is no one but I,
my dreams, and the sea.
I await your return.
I shall be here, when you come,
and I shall always,
await your return.

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