Aim for the best

Aim for the best

Aim for the best

Dear Madam,
I’m in my third year engineering of CSE. My scores are good (distinction in all semesters) and I want to do my MS in Astronomy. Can I go from the CS field to astronomy? Which countries offer a course in astronomy? Will I get scholarships? What exams should I take up? How do I gather information? How to select the college? Please help me.
Nanditha S Swamy

Dear Nanditha,
Ideally, you should have studied Physics and Astronomy at the Bachelor’s level. However, if you have a good GPA, it will not be a problem to shift from CS to Astronomy. For Astronomy, I would suggest US, UK, Germany and Canada to study in. You can apply for scholarships, teaching assistantship and research assistantship. In Germany, there will be no tuition fee in public universities. The exams you need to pass to apply for your Master’s are GRE and TOEFL/IELTS. You could go to for more information on colleges, application requirements, exams etc.

Dear Madam
I am currently doing my final year BSc and I would like to know my chances abroad for MSc in Biotechnology or Microbiology related subjects. My aggregate is 60% and above. I would love to go either to UK or to Germany. I wanted to know about good universities.
Arpitha Prasad

Dear Arpitha,
Taking into consideration your percentage, the top universities for your subject in UK are Middlesex, Surrey, Glasgow, Brighton, Bath, Liverpool and Newcastle. In Germany, I would recommend Rhine Waal University of applied sciences, University of Gottingen, University of Freiburg, University of Offenbach and University of Bremen.

Dear Madam,
I am doing my BA final semester. I wish to pursue studies in International Relations. Which are the institutions which offer Master’s in this field? Would it be advisable to pursue a PhD afterwards and if so, from where? What job opportunities are available after MA and after PhD? If applying to foreign universities, are scholarships available?

Dear Gautam,
Some of the best universities for Master’s in International Relations are Oxford, London School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia, Tufts, University of Heidelberg, University of Berlin, University of Konstanz, University of Sydney, Melbourne, Monash, McGill, University of Toronto, Hong Kong University and National University of Singapore. These Universities offer Masters as well as PhD.
Job opportunities are available in international organisations, government, private sector, academia, media, business and non-government organisations.
Scholarships are available to students who have an excellent academic record.

Dear Madam,
I have completed BE in civil engineering. I am presently working in Larsen and Toubro Constructions. I want to pursue my postgraduation from Australian or German universities. Please give me some advice regarding that.
Raghavendra Patil

Dear Raghavendra,
We have a large number of students going abroad to pursue their Master’s in civil engineering, project management, structural engineering, construction engineering etc. In Australia, you could apply to Melbourne, Monash, Sydney, Queensland and Adelaide. In Germany, there is RWTH Aachen, Dortmund University, Technical University of Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Dresden among others. Write your GRE and TOEFL and you can go to either one of these countries.

Dear Madam,
I  have 4+ years experience as a software tester in a reputed company. I always wanted to go abroad for study and work there for a while. Now I am little confused about whether to pursue MBA or MS abroad with the experience I have. I have heard of cases of racial discrimination with respect to jobs. I have GRE score of 301 and IELTS of 7. Please help.

Dear Rupesh,
If you are keen on pursuing your studies, I would recommend an MBA since you have the work experience. You would have to write the GMAT for an MBA in most top universities. Jobs are available in all countries for any hard working person irrespective of their race.

Dear Madam
I am studying II PUC now. I would like to pursue aeronautical engineering for my future studies. But I would like to study in the UK or the US. But my father says that I should be extraordinary in my studies to go to abroad. Can I start trying now or is there anyway that I can study abroad for my 2nd year engineering. Also, please tell me if there is any scope for aeronautical engineering. Please suggest  a good college in Bengaluru as well.
Rakesh A

Dear Rakesh,

If you want to study aeronautical engineering, you can apply now while you are in your II PUC, to pursue your Bachelor’s abroad. Alternately, you must apply for your Master’s. Transferring to a University abroad in your 2nd year of Engineering will not benefit you in any way. You will end up repeating a year.

In Bengaluru, Acharya Institute offers BE in Aeronautical Engineering. Most of the other engineering colleges in Bangalore offer mechanical engineering at the Bachelor’s level.
In countries like UK, US, Netherlands etc you can pursue your Bachelor’s in aeronautical engineering. You don’t have to write any entrance exam to study Engineering in these countries. For US, you need to take the SAT and IELTS/ TOEFL. For all other countries, the IELTS is sufficient.

 As long as we have aircraft, space shuttles, rockets, satellites, missiles etc, there will be a huge demand for excellent engineers who can design, construct, test and maintain these.

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