'No new brand endorsements for Salman'

'No new brand endorsements for Salman'

'No new brand endorsements for Salman'

The brands that Salman Khan endorse may continue with him till the contracts end, but he would not be signed again by the same or new brands, opined brand managers and strategists, after his sentence was suspended.

As of now, some of the big names he endorses are Coca Cola’s Thumbs Up, Astral Pipes, Hindustan Unilever’s (HUL) detergent Wheel, Suzuki two-wheelers, Sun Pharma’s Revital, Relaxo Hawaii and yatra.com. He was also featured in advertisements of Tiger biscuit, Dixcy Scott innerwear brand, Rotomac pens and Sangini jewellery. 

Brand and business strategist Harish Bijoor said the brands Salman Khan endorses would have a temporary setback, however, the existing contracts with companies will not be terminated, as long as he does not go to jail. But new brands will not sign him in the future, he added.

Bijoor said that Khan receives about Rs 7 crore for individual advertisements. He added, in terms of films, Khan has over Rs 200 crore riding on him and in terms of endorsements, it was Rs 50 crore. His current status has definitely affected his personal brand (Being Human), but not the ones he endorses, Bijoor said.

Coca Cola-owned Thumbs Up said in a statement, “We hold the court verdict in the highest regard. We are evaluating the next steps.” The management of Astral Pipes was not available for comment in this regard.

Arvind Hegde, Managing Director, Brand Union, said various brands had signed him as a brand ambassador in the past 12 years, despite being informed of the case’s status, so it would not affect them. They will be status quo now and take decisions regarding this matter based on the final verdict, Hegde added.

He said in the last decade, while controversies were being built around him, Khan also had many box office hits with profits up to Rs 300 crore-Rs 400 crore. The companies he endorses have taken calculated risks. They are aware of the fact that he could go to jail.
Besides, Being Human has helped him build his brand, and with that, his influence at the box office has grown. And, he has a huge fan base who will buy his products no matter what, Hegde added. He also said brands must watch out and Khan may not get more endorsements in the future.

On the other hand, Sadaf A Razak, Senior Brand Manager, Media Moments, said the brands he is endorsing will see a big hit in the beginning, for a certain amount of time, but it would not be long lasting as he has a huge fan following. She added that Khan by himself was a brand.

Razaq added if the companies bring it a better marketing strategy and a younger brand ambassador, they would be able to get over the losses, if any.

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